GOTR20160207 Podcast

Life keeps getting in the way of us getting back to a normal schedule but, we got the gang together again. Gary discovered an old Winchester Model 97 12gauge shotgun and Universal M1 Carbine among his late father’s belongings. Minor correction…The 97 is NOT downward ejecting but, it IS slam fire capable!



Va. will once again recognize concealed carry permits from other states – The Washington Post

“Terry McAuliffe plans to announce Friday that Virginia will restore handgun reciprocity agreements with nearly all states, in a stunning reversal of firearms policy that angered Republicans and gun rights advocates across the nation.

The about-face is part of a deal that McAuliffe (D) struck with Republican leaders one month after Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) severed the right for gun owners in 25 states to have their concealed carry permits recognized in Virginia.”

Real fighters don’t let getting “old” stop them…

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of running into an old customer from a range at which I worked some years ago. It was really nice to see the old guy still kicking. And he’s still at the range every weekend. We’ll call him, Mr. Dean.

Granted, all Mr. Dean is doing is poking holes in paper. His targets don’t move or shoot back. He’s on a “square” range. Practice consists of the same weekly routine. It’s not sexy, cool, or especially challenging. He comes in, gives the guys behind the counter a box of kolaches and donuts, then proceeds to burns 150-rounds at 3, 7, and 15 yards with his everyday carry gun. No timers. Just him, a box of ammo and his gun. He works to maintain/improve his accuracy and keep the gun running without fumbling or stopping to think about it. It may not be much or optimal but, it’s more than most.

There are those who will argue he’s fooling himself. He’s an old man more likely to shoot himself or a family member than defend himself. He’s not working from his holster. Not practicing much in the way of movement to “get off the X” as the saying goes. But let’s be honest, he’s not trying to jump out of burning helicopters or be Batman. At least two of his ten digits including the right index finger have been reduced to nothing more than the proximal phalanx. He’s at least 80 years old and probably fighting his bladder as much as he is anything else. Still, he’s is determined not to be a victim again.
Mr. Dean is no stranger to violence and he’s not fooling himself. He’s a survivor. A man determined to fight for his life by any means available. About ten years ago, he was walking his dog when he was approached from behind by a young man accompanied by several friends in a near by car. The young man, not more than 20-years-old, called to Mr. Dean saying, “Hey!” The moment Mr. Dean turned to face the young man, he was shot in the face. His jaw was instantly shattered but, the fight wasn’t over.

Folks, this is Texas. You try to kill a Texan and we’ll kill you back. That’s our policy and Mr. Dean lives it. Jaw shattered, ears ringing, it occurred to Mr. Dean that this turd aimed to kill him. In those days, Mr. Dean carried a seven-shot .380 caliber pistol and he managed to keep his wits about him well enough to returned fire. Seven shots goes amazingly fast. Fortunately, when those seven shots were done the turd and his friends, though alive, realized they had somewhere else to be and departed in a hurry. Mr. Dean survived and today has upgraded his equipment a bit…Bigger bullets and more of them. Funny how that happens.


GOTR20160124 Podcast

Today’s podcast is up! Folks, this week, we heard another story of a kid shooting himself with an unsecured firearm. Statistically, kids accidentally shooting themselves is rare but, that doesn’t mean any of us should be comfortable with it happening. Secure your firearms! We answered an important user question about his apartment complex posting 30.07 signs and asking tenants to sign an addendum to their lease contracts. And among oddities we discovered this week, Jason found out “Eddie Haskell” of “Leave It To Beaver” fame later became an LAPD solo/motor officer who served the department for 18 years. Who knew?


GOTR20160117 Podcast

Got the band together again. Jason tells us his agency is moving to Aimpoint in lieu of EOTech and will be giving us a review of the new rifle sight in the future. Gary’s been running a Lipsey’s exclusive, Glock 19 with RTF2 grip texture, grey frame and a number of Vicker Tactical add-ons. And of course, we’ve got a Jeff rant on the second podcast of 2016.