When someone says his pistol is reliable, what does that mean?

Excellent article from Todd Green at Pistol Training.com.  Whatever you decide to carry, you have to test THAT INDIVIDUAL GUN for yourself…  We can tell you statistically which guns will run more reliably than others, but you still need you run YOUR gun with YOUR carry ammo to insure the combination works!

Train like your life depends on it, because it does.



No Surprise Here…The Height of Hypocrisy

Obama has invoked executive privilege in an eleventh-hour effort to snatch Eric Holder’s butt out of the frying pan.  Representative Darrell Issa is rightly pressing forward with a contempt vote against Holder who has repeatedly denied, delayed, and generally thumbed his nose at congressional requests regarding the “Fast and Furious” scandal.  I personally was insulted by his assertion that this was all about the fact he’s black.  Racism may indeed be alive and well in America today but, I think it’s a cop out to throw that card in this case.  You are the Attorney General of the United States and you claim you have no knowledge of illegal, immoral, and incompetent operations happening under your watch.  In my book that means you fall into one of two categories as head of the responsible organization; criminally complicit, or terminally incompetent…Pick one and hand in your resignation!


He Needed Killin’


This shouldn’t have even been a question.  A man hears his little girl’s screams.  Runs to her aide to find a grown man, with his pants down around his ankles, molesting the child.  We’ve all heard what happened next and the fact is, most human beings (except morons like Jim Harrington) would likely act in similar fashion.