Always be ready and whenever possible, be armed…


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I drove past the scene of this incident on my way home from an indoor IDPA match and dinner with a half-dozen shooters last night. Somehow, it just didn’t look like a traffic accident as indicated on the TX-DOT electronic billboards as I pass through the area. The large percentage of police vehicles relative to other emergency vehicles and no wreckers in sight might have been a giveaway…May be.

In all seriousness, this is not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. The next incident may not be a mass shooting per se. It might “just” be a robbery. And while there is no guarantee that being armed would have changed the outcome for all, it might have changed the outcome for those who got shot and those who died if they and they been armed and trained. To me at least; having a plan and having the option to meet and exceed by 1, the level of force of your assailant, would be better than being shot in the back as you ran down the street.

I am sure that as soon as the bad guys were gone, someone was able to call 911. In the meantime, they robbed the store and they robbed the patrons inside. The police, for all their hard work and dedication to the profession, could not and did not protect anyone in this store. It simply is not possible for them to do so. The point lurking here is the same one preached by every gun advocate…You are on your own. When the fecal matter hits the spinning impeller; that problem, whatever it may be, is yours to solve until help arrives and there is no guarantee that help is coming anytime soon. Call 911 on a truly busy night in any major city and you’ll see what I mean. Sometimes, as the old Public Enemy song says, “911 is a joke.”


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