Deadly shooting during live TV news report in Va. – CBS News

parkerandwardA gunman killed a reporter and videographer for a CBS affiliate in Virginia in a shooting that was broadcast live Wednesday morning.

The affiliate, WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, reports that police are looking for a suspect.

Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, a reporter and cameraman respectively for WDBJ-TV, died in the shooting, the station’s general manager, Jeff Marks, said during a broadcast later in the morning.

Marks said that Parker and Ward died shortly after 6:45 a.m., when the shots rang out.

“We heard screaming and then we heard nothing,” Marks said.Marks said the police do not know the motive of the shooting or the gunman’s identity.

The shooting happened at Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Virginia.

Source: Deadly shooting during live TV news report in Va. – CBS News

Update: Word is, the shooter is known and a disgruntled former employee of the same station as the deceased reporter and cameraman. They appear to have been targeted specifically. This whole thing may be part of an employee rivalry or possibly a love triangle but, that is yet to be confirmed and for that reason, we aren’t stating the name of the suspect either. That said, there is apparently an active chase involving said suspect.


The shooter can be scene on the video. No word on motive or identity yet other than it is a white male wearing all black/dark clothing. Our prayers are with these folks and we hope this guy is caught and brought to justice quickly.


ATF May Soon Reclassify Some Machine Guns as “Post Sample” and Non-Transferrable – The Truth About Guns

When the Hughes Amendment to the National Firearms Act came out, all hell broke loose. May 19th 1986 would be the very last day that anyone could legally register a machine gun, and after that date no individual would be allowed to manufacture a new one. In response the manufacturers put the coals to their production lines, cranking out every last serialized part they could muster and trying to get them registered before the arbitrary cut-off date. According to sources within the ATF it looks like some of those legally registered machine guns may soon be re-classified from their current perfectly legal and transferable status to a “post sample” status where individuals may no longer posses or transfer them. Here’s the crux of the issue . . .

Normally a manufacturer has 48 hours to notify the ATF that they made a machine gun. Making something one day and sending the paperwork the next is A-OK for manufacturers and pretty common practice. The issue at hand is that there were a number of manufacturers — specifically Flemming, S&H, and Vollmer, who were cranking out H&K sears like there was no tomorrow (which there wasn’t) — who manufactured registered machine gun sears prior to the deadline on the 19th but failed to file the paperwork until the 20th.

Our sources are telling us that people in possession of such a sear will be getting a nasty letter and possibly a knock on the door to inform them that they are now illegally in possession of a “post sample” machine gun.

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F-35A Fires 25mm Gun at Full Capacity | F-35 Lightning II

An F-35A fired 181 rounds from its four-barrel, 25 mm Gatling gun during a ground test at Edwards Air Force Base, California, earlier this month. The gun is embedded in the F-35A’s left wing and will provide pilots with the ability to strafe air-to-ground or air-to-air targets.

Source: F-35A Fires 25mm Gun at Full Capacity | F-35 Lightning II

Check out the video here:

Milwaukee man dies after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh while reholstering

Timothy Phonisay (facebook)

Timothy Phonisay (facebook)

MILWAUKEE — A 22-year-old Milwaukee man died during surgery at Froedtert Hospital after he shot himself in the thigh Friday morning, August 21st.

Timothy Phonisay was pronounced dead around 1 a.m. Officials say he accidentally shot himself in the right thigh in his home near 44th and Keefe.

According to the Medical Examiner’s report, Phonisay was apparently posing with a handgun and when he went to holster it, a round was fired and entered his right groin area.

Phonisay sustained two penetrating wounds to the right thigh. There was no bullet recovered or found on x-ray, according to the Medical Examiner’s report.

Source: Milwaukee man dies after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh |

I’m not making this about appendix carry. We’ve discussed this many times. We know the issues and I am not a fan but, that is simply a matter of my body type (dunlap), lifestyle, and maintaining consistency with the way I shoot/train 99% of the time. The fact is, there is a hazard of negligently shooting yourself while re-holstering regardless of how you carry.

This incident is purely a result of the decedent’s own negligence and incompetence. He was apparently posing in front of a mirror. He could be a victim of Internet/YouTube training. We will never know. But we do know the story, as it’s told by the media, isn’t quite right. The gun didn’t just go off. If not his finger, then some part of his clothing connected with the trigger as he pushed the gun into his holster. The gun worked as designed.

If I’ve never offered this up before, my advice on this is that re-holstering should be done slowly and deliberately. I see too many shooters on a weekly basis who either shove or practically throw their guns into their holsters with no thought of the possibility that the gun could hang up on something or even miss the holster entirely. What’s the hurry? Slow down! Believe it or not, it’s not a bad idea to actually LOOK at the holster as you’re holstering so you can see what you’re doing and spot a problem before the gun goes bang. And yes, this is easier when you don’t have a lot of “tactical girth” to deal with. I know, I dropped 80lbs…It’s a good reason to get your fat butt in the gym and stop eating donuts!