GOTR20151115 Podcast

Finally got the band back together again. The podcast is up! Gary is back after a rough month. We got to fondle the new Remington RM380, the result of Remington’s purchase of the Rohrbaugh design. And yes, we discuss our thoughts on the tragedy in France. We also get into a number of listener requests for our thoughts/recommendations on trainers, gun forums/podcasts, and pistol sights.

On a personal note, I’ll take this moment to say thanks to everyone who has reached out to me during this trying time. Life can change in an instant and the last month has been full of far more reminders of that than I’d care to count. Kiss and hug your families tonight. Tomorrow is promised to none of us.

On another note, we did have some technical issues that came up while I’ve been out. If you’ve tried to reach us by email, please send those messages again. I’ve unfortunately had to move hosting for email to a new server and messages sent over the last 30 days had no mailbox to receive them.



Glenn Reynolds: How gun laws put the innocent on trial

Police are horrible, racist monsters who want to lock up minorities over even trivial violations of the law! And police are also the only ones who should have guns!

These two beliefs, it seems from my observations, are often held by the same people. Yet there is a conflict: If you favor strict gun control laws, laws that will punish people severely simply for possessing a gun or ammunition, then you will wind up throwing a lot more people in jail. And many of those people will be minorities.

Source: Glenn Reynolds: How gun laws put the innocent on trial


Shocked they published it! Shocked I say!

In Memoriam…

Gary C. Montgomery, 81, passed away peacefully after a brief illness, with his family at his bedside on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. He was born on December 17, 1933 in Monroe County, Alabama. Gary attended Alabama A&M before being drafted into the Army during the Korean War. After he was honorably discharged, he met his wife, Joyce (Burford) Montgomery, and they settled in the east Houston neighborhood of Pleasantville.

Gary joined the Houston Police Department in 1962, graduating with class #27. Upon graduation, Gary was assigned to the Central Patrol Division and was quickly selected to become an investigator with the Juvenile Division in 1963. During his 32 years of service, he earned numerous awards and citations until his retirement in 1995.
Gary is survived by his wife, Joyce, of nearly 56 years, his two children, Laura B. Montgomery-Barefield and Wayne Barefield of Birmingham, AL; Gary C. Montgomery Jr. and Abena Sandy-Montgomery of Houston; and grandchildren, Alyssa, Jordan, and Maya Barefield.

14246028699_67e899f3fa_oA celebration of life will be held in Houston at Pleasantville United Methodist Church on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at 11:00 AM. The interment will be at the Houston National Cemetery at 1:00 PM. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Houston 100 Club and the American Diabetes Association would be appreciated.



Liberal media salivates over new poll showing increased support for stricter gun sales…

…the poll was conducted on the heels of the latest mass-shooting on a college campus. Whether the results will look the same six months or a year from now is anybody‚Äôs guess.

Source: Public support for gun restriction grows, passes 50% mark | MSNBC

It seems it was just a few years the claim was “90-percent.” Now they are celebrating a single poll, taken days after the shooting in Oregon while the media was practically celebrating the deaths of the students. And it’s a whopping 55-percent. A majority to be sure but, it begs the question of whether or not those polled even understood the laws currently on the books as so many the statements by anti-gun politicians regarding the purchase of firearms are so blatantly false such as the President’s claim that it’s easier to buy a gun than to buy a book in Chicago. Clearly, the President has never attempted to purchase either item in Chicago or anywhere else if he’s making such a statement.


GOTR20151018 Podcast

Two weeks in a row! Other than me intentionally antagonizing Jason, we discuss the Smith and Wesson’s Sigma 380, and Anderson Rifle’s claim of a “no-lube” rifle among other things in our latest podcast.