Precision Rifle Blog Posts Comprehensive Review of Top Quality Glass

If you’re in the market for high end glass, you need to read this review at Quite honestly, this is a Consumer Reports style review and tests 18 of the best long range rifle scopes money can buy.  It’s a daunting task to test them all when you think about what they’ve done here.

We’re talking over $70,000 worth of gear. The sheer number of man-hours is more time than I have had to dedicate to our own site and FB page. There’s really too much to cover here but, let me say it is very much worth your time to check out if you are interested in building a precision rifle for sport, hunting, or professional use.


Darren Wilson’s story begins to surface in NYTimes Report

“…Darren Wilson, has told the authorities that during the scuffle, Mr. Brown reached for the gun. It was fired twice in the car, according to forensics tests performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The first bullet struck Mr. Brown in the arm; the second bullet missed.”

via Police Officer in Ferguson Is Said to Recount a Struggle –

It’s been two months since Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. That shooting lit the fuse on a long standing powder keg of rage for issues that have existed since before either Darren Wilson or Michael Brown were even born. Fanning the flames of racism and fear were conflicting reports from witnesses claiming Brown was unarmed and shot for no reason. The media of course, was no help, reporting erroneous data and initially portraying Brown as an innocent “teen” who’d been gunned down in cold blood for no reason other than being another black male in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well now it looks like we’re finally getting some part of Darren Wilson’s side of things and learning facts that support police statements that have been made along the way.

Sadly, some won’t be happy unless Wilson stands trial regardless of what facts come out. What’s sad however, is when people like the Brown family attorney, Benjamin L. Crump, ignores the way he knows the law works when it works fairly and makes public demands for something else. According to Crump, “What the police say is not to be taken as gospel…” Crump instead demands that Wilson be indicted by the grand jury and his case sent to trial no matter what. Crump continued, “He can say what he wants to say in front of a jury. They can listen to all the evidence and the people can have it transparent so they know that the system works for everybody.” According to Crump, “…Right now, they have this secret proceeding where nobody knows what’s happening and nobody knows what’s going on. No matter what happened in the car, Michael Brown ran away from him.”

So time will tell how this all shakes out. But, as we’ve said for some time, this increasingly looks like a justified shooting. A body camera or dash camera would go a long way in proving facts one way or the other as we’ve seen time and time again but, neither Wilson nor his patrol unit were so equipped. As we’re seeing here, when you rely on witnesses, you have to filter through the individual biases and personal agendas of everyone involved while trying to match that to the evidence available at the scene that may or may not be conclusive. Unfortunately, we already know this shooting has changed everything regardless of how it turns out.


Cohoes, NY Pistol Permit Police Tell Applicants to Reactivate Facebook Accounts – The Truth About Guns

The police actually reach out to your FB friends and ask about your character, some of whom you may not have spoken to since high school or even grade school. This is on top of the character references you include in your application. I have a friend who applied and told them that he no longer had his FB account and that he deactivated it a few weeks prior. They insisted that he reactivate it so they could go through his contacts, photos, and prior posts. It’s not fun in upstate N.Y. People need to know how restrictive law enforcement is on our 2nd amendment rights.

via Cohoes, NY Pistol Permit Police Tell Applicants to Reactivate Facebook Accounts – The Truth About Guns.

This is what anti-gunnners call “commons-sense.” To them, gun-ownership, let alone carrying a gun, is a privilege rather than a right. This is getting to be good reason to move away from Facebook and most other social media or at the very least, be very careful of what you post and with whom you associate. Permits aside, make no mistake, if you’re ever involved in a use of force incident, anything you’ve done or said online in public forums like FB may be discoverable and used against you. Another reason we are not intolerant of racist posts on our page or pages advocating/inciting unlawful violence.


Democratic legislator from PA displays bizarre behavior, draws own gun in robbery attempt

After a day of votes and then an event for a fellow House member, two freshman representatives, Marty Flynn, D-Lackawanna, and Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, were a few blocks from the Capitol on their walk home a little before 11 p.m. Tuesday when a man pointed a gun and demanded a wallet, Mr. Flynn said. When the man trained his gun on Mr. Bizzarro, Mr. Flynn drew his own weapon, a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 pistol, he told reporters.

via Street crimes hit home for Pa. legislators – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Can’t make it up. Democrats do carry guns. Some of them are even legal. And it seems that Pennsylvania Representative, Marty Flynn, a Democrat from Lackawanna, PA, found it necessary to shoot at one of his own fellow Democrats. Zha-quan McGhee, age 15, was identified as the gunman who attempted to rob and then shoot at Flynn and fellow congressman Ryan Bizzarro.

McGhee; along with three accomplices, Jamani Ellison, 17; Derek Anderson, 17; and Jyair Leonard, 15, will all be charged with robbery, conspiracy and violating curfew according to local police. They are apparently the same guys who committed a robbery earlier in the week in front of the PA Capitol. The previous victims were Republicans so it appears McGhee and company don’t discriminate.


St. Louis area Walmarts lock-up ammo ahead of protests

Several Walmart locations locked-up ammunition during weekend protests | St. Louis“MAPLEWOOD ( – Several Walmart stores in the St. Louis area have pulled ammunition from the shelves following recent protests.

Monday night, demonstrators made their way into Walmart locations in Maplewood, Ferguson and Bridgeton, forcing the stores to close while several arrests were made.

On Wednesday afternoon, the empty shelves at Maplewood looked like there had been a mass purchase of ammunition. But according to an employee, it was locked up in the back. - St. Louis


Times ahead could get interesting for a variety of reasons. If you’ve been paying attention, you know why. Apparently, several Walmarts in the St. Louis area decided things were looking interesting enough that they removed ammunition from their shelves entirely.

This could easily come to a Walmart or other retailer near you in times of social unrest or natural disasters. To that end, ammo prices are starting to normalize finally and supplies are picking back up ever so slowly. I am not suggesting a new run on ammunition but, as time and funds allow, you should be buying in a time of plenty.

Man Fires Warning Shot At A Violent Thug, Gets 20 Years In Prison – Downtrend

A Florida father of two was given a mandatory 20-year prison sentence for firing a warning shot at some jackhole who threatened his family.

via Man Fires Warning Shot At A Violent Thug, Gets 20 Years In Prison – Downtrend.


You mean to tell me that Marissa Alexander‘s sentence wasn’t a case of racist Republicans but, poorly written Florida law?!?! Schneikeys! Now, don’t get me wrong. I still maintain that the facts of Alexander’s case to me suggest that she is in fact, guilty of the reckless discharge of a firearm and reckless endangerment of juveniles not directly involved in her conflict with her estranged husband at the time. In fact, I do believe that aggravated assault was a reasonable charge and she was duly convicted.

A full four years before anyone had ever heard of Marissa Alexander, George Zimmerman, or Trayvon Martin, 59-year-old Lee Wollard was convicted of aggravated assault, shooting a firearm inside a building, and child endangerment. If that all sounds familiar, it is because a similar list of charges were applied to the Marissa Alexander case with the addition of the fact she colluded with her husband to lie to the court about the facts of the case after her arrest. But much like Alexander, Wollard was convicted received a minimum sentence of 20 years because a firearm was used in the commission of the original offense.

Having said all this, I’m not a fan of minimum sentencing. It can be argued the standard has been applied unfairly in the past. I wouldn’t argue that here but, it may be that the punishment does not necessarily fit the crime. As a basic policy though, if you can’t articulate an imminent threat of bodily harm, the discharge of a firearm to scare, intimidate, or otherwise discourage someone from doing you harm is not a good idea.


D.C. councilmember David Grosso suggests disarming city police, says officers ‘shouldn’t have guns’ |

Grosso said his staff has urged him not to express the opinion, but nonetheless, he said, “I think we ought to get rid of guns in the city and that police shouldn’t have guns.”

via D.C. councilmember David Grosso suggests disarming city police, says officers ‘shouldn’t have guns’ |


Crazy as it sounds, I’m all for disarming the entire District of Columbia. But don’t stop at the local metro cops…Take them all. No feds. No Secret Service. No Park Police. Nobody. Especially David Grosso. Then quarantine the place at “the beltway,” and let’s see how long it takes for the President, mayor, and their local police chief to beg for a gun. It would likely be similar to the movie, “The Purge.” The result might actually be a good thing for the nation. They might finally understand that the 2nd Amendment they so readily dismiss is one of the reasons they can survive on stupidity alone.


MSNBC blames the NRA for making Ebola crisis worse

Thanks to Senate dysfunction and NRA opposition, we don’t have a surgeon general right now. In fact, we haven’t had a surgeon general for more than a year now — even though the president nominated the eminently qualified Dr. Vivek Murthy back in November 2013.

via How the NRA is making the Ebola crisis worse | MSNBC.


Thought I was making that up didn’t you? No, MSNBC really did say the Ebola crisis in the US has been made worse by the NRA. More specifically, Krystal Ball (no, I didn’t make that name up either) and Anne Thompson wrote the literary screed that makes this claim. I was planning to write up a response but, “I got nothin’.” I really don’t know how to respond to this level of stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t question Murthy’s knowledge or background with respect to medicine. And if he’d restricted his comments to medicine, I doubt anyone, including the NRA, would object to him being the Surgeon General. However, the man made it clear he planned to use that position to effect policy to restrict the freedoms of law abiding citizens rather than address actual medical issues. And unfortunately, the Obama administration is just the kind of government that would let him do it. Folks, the only time a gun becomes a medical issue is when it is used, lawfully or unlawfully, to poke a hole in a human being. But it is not the Surgeon General’s job to decide whether or not one has a right to own or use a gun or otherwise influence the government on that issue. When Murthy made it clear he wanted to do just that, he all but guaranteed opposition to his appointment.

Now, MSNBC’s ridiculous premise is that because the NRA opposed Murthy’s appointment,that no one is around to “educate the American public about the actual level of risk…” or serve as “a public health expert and whose job it was to help us understand what we really need to worry about and what precautions we should take.” Well damn. I guess there’s only one doctor in the country and none of the thousands of other folks who have gone to medical school and work with infectious diseases have any clue what they are talking about. If only Murthy had been appointed. Then all would be right with the world. Folks, if you’re dumb enough to believe in anything MSNBC has to say going forward, you really, really, need to draw a bath and get a razor…We don’t need you in this world anymore.


Michael Dunn found guilty of 1st Degree Murder

Jacksonville, Florida (CNN) — Jurors found Michael Dunn guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

via Michael Dunn found guilty of murder in loud-music trial –


Some of you may remember this case. Michael Dunn was charged with three counts of attempted murder and one count of murder in the first degree after shooting at a group of teens he confronted over loud music at a Florida gas station in 2012. Dunn was convicted earlier this year for the three counts of attempted murder but, the jury deadlocked on the 1st degree murder charge and the judge declared a mistrial.

With all the other goings on of the world, no one noticed Dunn was retried for 1st degree murder. As of yesterday, Dunn was convicted on that charge for the shooting death of Jordan Davis, an adolescent male that Dunn claimed was getting out of the car and producing a weapon when Dunn opened fire. One of the things that led to Dunn’s conviction for the original attempted murder charges is the fact he continued shooting at a vehicle that by all accounts, was trying to get away from him by the time he fired his last four rounds. There was no articulable threat at that point and Dunn exhibited post offense behavior that made his self-defense claims a little difficult to swallow. Specifically, he went home before police arrived and made no effort to contact police before they knocked on his door to arrest him.

It can be argued that Dunn is suffering a from biases in the wake of the Zimmerman case but, unlike the Zimmerman case, there were witnesses to the original incident. Zimmerman also did not leave the scene of the shooting. There was also little evidence that alcohol might have been a factor in George Zimmerman’s decision to shoot Trayvon Martin.

With this conviction, Dunn now faces life in prison. Much like the Marissa Alexander case, the use of a firearm means there’s a minimum sentence of 25 years because a firearm was involved. Surely there will be a request for an appeal but, it may be a tough sell among potential jurors in Florida.