Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is now officially a gun-free zone!

In years past, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been a largely peaceful, fun, annual event in Texas. And every year, the question of whether or not it was legal to carry on the grounds has come up. There was a time when the HLSR didn’t seem to have an official policy on the issue. The law however, was generally clear.

If one were to enter, for example, the bull or bronco riding events, you are obviously at a “professional sporting event” and it would be illegal to carry on the premises of the event in which that was occurring. But if you’re just attending the carnival outside that event, concealed carry technically isn’t an issue. But in 2011, there was a shooting between “teens” on the carnival grounds. and a movement to ban guns entirely from the event gained steam. Fast forward to 2015 and there are now metal detectors at all HLSR entrances.

Unfortunately, the event is still far from secure. What takes place cannot even remotely be called a “search” or even light screening. Anyone so inclined, could still walk-in with a blade or even a gun. Anyone who intends to do others harm, will still do so. And a sure sign that the HLSR isn’t what it used to be is the latest kerfuffle…A student’s artwork has been rejected because it merely contained the image of a gun. This, from an organization that allegedly prides itself on celebrating cowboys and Texas culture…You’d think it was the Austin Livestock Show and Rodeo or something!


Medical Group: Mag Capacity A Public Heath Issue

From Brietbart.com  | by AWR Hawkins | 24 Feb 2015:   On Monday, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) announced it was teaming up with the American Bar Association and seven other health organizations to form a “coalition” treating guns as a public health threat, focusing on ammunition magazine capacity.

According to AAFP’s announcement, the coalition presupposes “firearm violence is a public health issue…[that] needs to be addressed from a public health perspective.” The coalition believes the remedy to this health issue lies in gun control regulations that “are entirely consistent with the Second Amendment of the Constitution.”

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Instructor Zero and the “Zero Sterling Grip”

Let me preface what you’re about to read with a very clear statement. There is no doubt in my mind that Instructor Zero can shoot. And he has definitely built one hell of a hollowing on the Interwebs and among a growning cadre of students. He is, in the shooting world, a rockstar. All that said, his background is a bit of a mystery and there are times that I see things that just don’t sit well with me. The video below is an example.

Now I’m not saying this is all BS. I am not a cop, combat vet, or super-secret-ninja-scuba-squirrel. I am just another keyboard jockey with a gun. Still, as I look at this video, I find myself ask…What the heck did I just watch?


Top U.S. Army Marksman Explains Why Gun Nuts Shoot Better — War Is Boring — Medium

Try to ignore the title of the article for a moment. Hard to do but, worth it.

Master Sgt. Satterlee in Baghdad. Courtesy photo


Master Sgt. Scott Satterlee says the military could learn a lot from civilians

via Top U.S. Army Marksman Explains Why Gun Nuts Shoot Better — War Is Boring — Medium

While I think I know the answer, I’m curious to know what the veterans and cops among our listeners think? Let us know in the comments here or on FB.


Beretta to debut its first full-size striker fired pistol

“Beretta waited to enter the striker fired market until we had a pistol we knew would meet the needs of the operator. The APX has been more than three years in development,” said Carlo Ferlito, Beretta Defense vice president and general manager. “We tested it extensively with professional end users and incorporated that feedback at every opportunity. The result is a pistol platform that delivers superior performance in durability, reliability, accuracy and ergonomics.”

via Beretta to debut its first full-size striker fired pistol.

That’s right…Beretta has entered the Striker fired pistol market. We haven’t actually handled one yet and it will probably be months before we do. They tried to sweet-talk the US Army into keeping the M9 with the M9A3 but, that ship has sailed. Time will tell if this new gun lives up to the billing Beretta gives it. It’s hard to offer something truly original in this market space now with entries from Glock, S&W, Springfield, HK and even Sig, having been there for years already.