Chrissy Teigen thought all of Twitter was anti-gun…Wrong!


So Chrissy Teigen opens takes to Twitter to express an opinion about a tragedy in Canada and throws in a dig against the United States in the process. Hey, that’s her right. And I don’t think any of us likes it when these things happen.  But, did she really think there wouldn’t be at least one person who might not take it well?

Yup. Sucks to find out not everyone agrees with you.

I will submit that some folks really reacted poorly. Of this, I am anything but proud. But there are vile people in the world and surely by now, you’ve seen others get treated similarly for what they’ve done or said.

Not sure why you should feel sick but, talents? What talents? Please don’t fool yourself into thinking anyone appreciates you because of your “talents.” Your career and your sole contribution to the world thus far is defined by nothing more than being pretty. Don’t get me wrong, there are many women in the world who have accomplished a great deal and improved the world through very real talents, knowledge, and skill. You are not among them. That said, I’m sure plenty of folks will enjoy seeing your “talents” on Instagram.


Eleanor Roosevelt: The First Lady’s license to carry a pistol

Although Eleanor told the fascinated press, when she first got the weapon, that she was a “fairly good shot,” a New York Times reporter at the 1972 dedication of the Eleanor Roosevelt Wings of the FDR Library interviewed several of Eleanor’s friends who said that she carried the permit, but not the pistol.

via Eleanor Roosevelt: The First Lady’s license to carry a pistol.


Today’s media would be apoplectic if Michelle Obama, or any First Lady, owned, let alone carried a gun. Yet, in 1957, Eleanor Roosevelt was famously licensed to carry a gun in one of the most anti-gun states in The Union. In so many ways, Eleanor Roosevelt was a poster child for liberalism and women’s independence.  Insisting on unfettered freedom to move about as she pleased. She refused to be driven around by the Secret Service, insisting on driving her own car. She didn’t even want to take an agent with her. The “compromise” to put the Secret Service at ease was Mrs. Roosevelt carrying a gun. I suspect the current First Lady would throw a no-shit-fit if someone suggested she drive her own car or carry a gun for her own protection. In fact, the current President and First Lady would rather none of us have the right to own, let alone carry a gun.

Of course, the irony here is Mrs. Roosevelt’s husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt is the father of modern gun control and the first federal gun control law. Roosevelt wanted to tax and register ALL firearms. At the time, Congress was actually concerned with protecting the rights of citizens to protect themselves. Especially those in rural communities with little in the way of police presence. And so, what became the Gun Control Act of 1934 was actually watered down from what Roosevelt, many Democrats, and quite a few Republicans wanted at the time. Shockingly, even the NRA didn’t offer much in the way of opposition at the time either.

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This is how these shootings should be covered by the media

Rex Murphy: Ottawa Shooting – YouTube.


Rex Murphy: The saddest thing I saw today was the image of a woman, then police officers and medics desperately pumping the heart of the soldier in Ottawa as he lay dying. A long day’s drive, and I cannot tell but long it was, and enough to make all of us who were watching tremble and weep with shared pity. To kill a soldier standing unarmed ceremonial guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was a bottomless cowardice and a perversion.

If the soul of Canada has an abiding place it is here in the great hallowed War Memorial with the tomb in our capital city, a bugle call away from the chambers of our national deliberations. The murder of fine, fit, friendly and unarmed Corporal Nathan Cirillo was not a thoughtless act, instead it was soaked in callousness and contempt. The slaughter was meant to burn beyond the deed itself, to speak fundamental insult to the very ideas of honor, sacrifice, and solidarity which are our military’s credo and our country’s ideals.

The killer was a hateful brute, let us not name him, but today was not the damn killers. It produced a master counter example, the Sargent-At-Arms Mr. Kevin Vickers. Mr Vickers, the whole country is unanimous on all the matters that count, bravery, duty, selflessness, you are as good as they get. The office of Sargent-At-Arms can never have been better filled. So as we mourn the soldier Corporal Cirillo, let us honor the Sargent Mr. Vickers, they encompass between them so much of what we Canadians chose to admire and love. For the National, I’m Rex Murphy.


More and more evidence is supporting Darren Wilson in Ferguson

A forensic pathologist from San Francisco, Dr. Judy Melinek, says based on a bullet wound to Brown’s arm, Brown’s palms could not have been facing Wilson in the standard surrender position – with hands up and palms out – when he was shot, and Brown was falling forward or lunging when he was hit by the fatal shot to the top of his head.

via New Information Released on Michael Brown Case « CBS St. Louis.


The last week or so has seen new evidence and reports released that support Officer Darren Wilson’s side of the Brown shooting. While there have been some witness claiming that Brown had his hands up and was surrendering to Wilson, the evidence released in the last week refute that claim.

Initially, the New York Times published a report indicating that Brown was in fact shot initially during a struggle inside Wilson’s patrol vehicle. Brown supporters explained that away by claiming that Wilson pulled Brown into the patrol car with him. And the few who didn’t dispute that fact went on to point out that the initial report does not explain why Wilson fired at Brown again outside the vehicle.

As of yet, not one report or autopsy indicates Brown was running away when shot as initially claimed. That has since become, he was surrendering. The latest report now contradicts the claim of Brown surrendering. At the very least, it indicates his hands and arms were NOT in a position typically associated with surrender (hands above the shoulders, palms out) when the fatal round struck the top of Brown’s head.  According to the St. Louis affiliate station, “A forensic pathologist from San Francisco, Dr. Judy Melinek, says based on a bullet wound to Brown’s arm, Brown’s palms could not have been facing Wilson in the standard surrender position – with hands up and palms out – when he was shot, and Brown was falling forward or lunging when he was hit by the fatal shot to the top of his head.”

Of course, none of this changes anything for most Brown supporters. To them, until they see Darren Wilson stand trial for murder, there is no justice. Worse, some won’t be satisfied without a guilty verdict regardless of the facts.


Deputies investigating home invasion, deadly shooting at home in Spring |

Investigators say there were narcotics including cocaine in plain sight in the home. Once they removed the dead body, they tried to search the house, but the people who live there stopped being cooperative. Detectives are now waiting for a search warrant.

via Deputies investigating home invasion, deadly shooting at home in Spring |


Narcotics out in plain sight at the crime scene. And all of a sudden the folks that live there get uncooperative. Gee…I wonder why? I could be wrong but, this does not seem to be random. What are the chances these people know their assailants?

All that aside, the moment someone enters your home should not be the first moment you are aware of their presence on your property. Having a dog that alerts you is nice. And it sounds overly simplistic but, lock your door.  You’d be amazed at how many people live with their doors unlocked while they are home. And this is also why we recommend you maintain a gun on your person, even at home.


Soldier Shot At War Memorial In Ottawa

Breaking News: Canadian Soldier Shot At War Memorial In Ottawa With More Shots Fired At Parliament Hill

via FUNKER530 » Military Videos And Veteran Community With Army, Navy, Air Force News. » Breaking News: Canadian Soldier Shot At War Memorial In Ottawa With More Shots Fired At Parliament Hill.

Word is the shooter is already down. Thoughts and prayers go out to the fallen soldier and other victims.


Missou State Senator Nasheed: Do as I say, not as I do.

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed had a gun in her possession at the time she was arrested Monday night outside the Ferguson Police Department, according to Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson.

via Sen. Nasheed had handgun on her at time of arrest, refused breathalyzer, police say | St. Louis.


That Missouri Senator Jamilah Nasheed was involved in a protest is not a problem. I don’t necessarily agree with her but, it’s her right and that of any citizen to peaceably assemble in protest of the government. There are times the shoe is on the other foot. The open carry protests that so often make the news are a prime example. But she managed to get herself arrested.

Still, it is surprising that Nasheed, who has often voted against pro-gun bills and sponsored/co-sponsored anti-gun bills in Missouri, would show up for a peaceful protest against the use of guns by police, armed with her own, 9mm pistol. She’s also alleged to have been drunk as a skunk but, Nasheed refused a breathalyzer test. Even if she’d failed such a test, Missouri apparently has no law against being intoxicated while in possession of a firearm.

Nasheed said, “It was a symbolic arrest – sending a message to the protesters that we can protest peacefully and that we must protest peacefully and that we want justice for Michael Brown, but we don’t want it in vain…” Her arrest came after repeated being warned that she was in violation of a Ferguson ordinance against walking in a roadway where sidewalks are accessible. Interestingly enough, that was the reason Darren Wilson initially contacted Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson. Of course, shortly after that, Wilson ended up shooting Brown in what is believed to be a fight intiated by an attempt to detain Brown in connection with an assault and robbery at a local convenience store.

Precision Rifle Blog Posts Comprehensive Review of Top Quality Glass

If you’re in the market for high end glass, you need to read this review at Quite honestly, this is a Consumer Reports style review and tests 18 of the best long range rifle scopes money can buy.  It’s a daunting task to test them all when you think about what they’ve done here.

We’re talking over $70,000 worth of gear. The sheer number of man-hours is more time than I have had to dedicate to our own site and FB page. There’s really too much to cover here but, let me say it is very much worth your time to check out if you are interested in building a precision rifle for sport, hunting, or professional use.


Darren Wilson’s story begins to surface in NYTimes Report

“…Darren Wilson, has told the authorities that during the scuffle, Mr. Brown reached for the gun. It was fired twice in the car, according to forensics tests performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The first bullet struck Mr. Brown in the arm; the second bullet missed.”

via Police Officer in Ferguson Is Said to Recount a Struggle –

It’s been two months since Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. That shooting lit the fuse on a long standing powder keg of rage for issues that have existed since before either Darren Wilson or Michael Brown were even born. Fanning the flames of racism and fear were conflicting reports from witnesses claiming Brown was unarmed and shot for no reason. The media of course, was no help, reporting erroneous data and initially portraying Brown as an innocent “teen” who’d been gunned down in cold blood for no reason other than being another black male in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well now it looks like we’re finally getting some part of Darren Wilson’s side of things and learning facts that support police statements that have been made along the way.

Sadly, some won’t be happy unless Wilson stands trial regardless of what facts come out. What’s sad however, is when people like the Brown family attorney, Benjamin L. Crump, ignores the way he knows the law works when it works fairly and makes public demands for something else. According to Crump, “What the police say is not to be taken as gospel…” Crump instead demands that Wilson be indicted by the grand jury and his case sent to trial no matter what. Crump continued, “He can say what he wants to say in front of a jury. They can listen to all the evidence and the people can have it transparent so they know that the system works for everybody.” According to Crump, “…Right now, they have this secret proceeding where nobody knows what’s happening and nobody knows what’s going on. No matter what happened in the car, Michael Brown ran away from him.”

So time will tell how this all shakes out. But, as we’ve said for some time, this increasingly looks like a justified shooting. A body camera or dash camera would go a long way in proving facts one way or the other as we’ve seen time and time again but, neither Wilson nor his patrol unit were so equipped. As we’re seeing here, when you rely on witnesses, you have to filter through the individual biases and personal agendas of everyone involved while trying to match that to the evidence available at the scene that may or may not be conclusive. Unfortunately, we already know this shooting has changed everything regardless of how it turns out.


Cohoes, NY Pistol Permit Police Tell Applicants to Reactivate Facebook Accounts – The Truth About Guns

The police actually reach out to your FB friends and ask about your character, some of whom you may not have spoken to since high school or even grade school. This is on top of the character references you include in your application. I have a friend who applied and told them that he no longer had his FB account and that he deactivated it a few weeks prior. They insisted that he reactivate it so they could go through his contacts, photos, and prior posts. It’s not fun in upstate N.Y. People need to know how restrictive law enforcement is on our 2nd amendment rights.

via Cohoes, NY Pistol Permit Police Tell Applicants to Reactivate Facebook Accounts – The Truth About Guns.

This is what anti-gunnners call “commons-sense.” To them, gun-ownership, let alone carrying a gun, is a privilege rather than a right. This is getting to be good reason to move away from Facebook and most other social media or at the very least, be very careful of what you post and with whom you associate. Permits aside, make no mistake, if you’re ever involved in a use of force incident, anything you’ve done or said online in public forums like FB may be discoverable and used against you. Another reason we are not intolerant of racist posts on our page or pages advocating/inciting unlawful violence.