Real fighters don’t let getting “old” stop them…

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of running into an old customer from a range at which I worked some years ago. It was really nice to see the old guy still kicking. And he’s still at the range every weekend. We’ll call him, Mr. Dean.

Granted, all Mr. Dean is doing is poking holes in paper. His targets don’t move or shoot back. He’s on a “square” range. Practice consists of the same weekly routine. It’s not sexy, cool, or especially challenging. He comes in, gives the guys behind the counter a box of kolaches and donuts, then proceeds to burns 150-rounds at 3, 7, and 15 yards with his everyday carry gun. No timers. Just him, a box of ammo and his gun. He works to maintain/improve his accuracy and keep the gun running without fumbling or stopping to think about it. It may not be much or optimal but, it’s more than most.

There are those who will argue he’s fooling himself. He’s an old man more likely to shoot himself or a family member than defend himself. He’s not working from his holster. Not practicing much in the way of movement to “get off the X” as the saying goes. But let’s be honest, he’s not trying to jump out of burning helicopters or be Batman. At least two of his ten digits including the right index finger have been reduced to nothing more than the proximal phalanx. He’s at least 80 years old and probably fighting his bladder as much as he is anything else. Still, he’s is determined not to be a victim again.
Mr. Dean is no stranger to violence and he’s not fooling himself. He’s a survivor. A man determined to fight for his life by any means available. About ten years ago, he was walking his dog when he was approached from behind by a young man accompanied by several friends in a near by car. The young man, not more than 20-years-old, called to Mr. Dean saying, “Hey!” The moment Mr. Dean turned to face the young man, he was shot in the face. His jaw was instantly shattered but, the fight wasn’t over.

Folks, this is Texas. You try to kill a Texan and we’ll kill you back. That’s our policy and Mr. Dean lives it. Jaw shattered, ears ringing, it occurred to Mr. Dean that this turd aimed to kill him. In those days, Mr. Dean carried a seven-shot .380 caliber pistol and he managed to keep his wits about him well enough to returned fire. Seven shots goes amazingly fast. Fortunately, when those seven shots were done the turd and his friends, though alive, realized they had somewhere else to be and departed in a hurry. Mr. Dean survived and today has upgraded his equipment a bit…Bigger bullets and more of them. Funny how that happens.


BBQ joint threatened for open-carry stance – Houston Chronicle

Folks, I’ve been up front about the fact I do not intend to carry openly as a practice. That said, I support the right to do so. I don’t think it should be a crime in and of itself. So I found it refreshing to hear Trent Brooks would not just open his doors to those who exercised their right to keep and bear arms but, would encourage it by offering discounts to anyone who came to his restaurant while lawfully carrying a firearm, concealed or openly. That’s his right as a business owner. Don’t like it, don’t patronize his business. It should be that simple, especially among the more “tolerant and civilized” anti-gun crowd who think we should all be unarmed.

But, it appears that at least one member of the anti-gun movement has taken to making an open threat against Brooks and his customers on Facebook saying, “I’ll shoot up the place on Saturday. Let’s see you how your gun-toting patrons will stop me,” according to an article appearing on the Houston Chronicle’s website

This message is in direct contradiction to the stated goal/intent and supposed desires of anti-gunners. Then again, maybe it’s not. After all, pretty much the only way you’ll ever successfully ban and confiscate all guns is to take them by force, usually with a gun of your own. And yet, this person was so upset by Mr. Brooks’ support of the 2nd Amendment that they felt the desire to threat Brooks and his customers. Brooks has contacted local authorities who are apparently investigating the threat. Brooks however, does not plan to close his shop or otherwise change his policy.

He is quoted by the Chronicle saying ,”I support the Second Amendment…It creates a safer environment for someone dining here – if there was ever someone trying to rob us – or rob our patrons – they’d walk in here, see people with guns. That should be a deterrent.”

Personally, I suddenly feel the desire to venture out to 18020 FM 529 in Cypress to try Mr. Brooks’ barbecue. According to the Chronicle, it has been on Alison Cook’s Top 100 Houston Restaurants for the past three years. I suspect the entire GOTR crew may have to make an appearance at Brooks Place BBQ in the not too distant future.


If you repeat a lie often enough…


This, folks, is a lie. Internet sales, at least all the legitimate sales sites, require that guns be shipped to/picked up from a valid FFL holder who must conduct a NICS check to transfer the gun two the recipient. There are limited exceptions to the NICS check such as those states where a license to carry meets the NICS standard. In those cases, the holder of a valid license (read, not a felon) can receive a firearm without a NICS check at the time of the transfer.

But as I mentioned in the previous post, the President’s proposals and executive orders are mostly smoke and mirrors. Either claiming to enforce something already on the books, as noted above. Or creating an environment in which the rules of the day may vary as to how one defines who is and is not “in the business of selling guns.”

I’ll give him this much, he deserves an Emmy for his role on television today. Tears. Trembling voice. And of course…It’s for the children. Claiming to want an open and free discourse while bashing any and all who disagree with him. Gun owners and the NRA are all evil and his world would be better off if none of us existed. As we enter the last year of your last term, Mr. President, I wish you well and I ask that you not let the door hit you on the way out.


The President’s Executive Actions in summary

For the most part, complete bullshit to placate useful idiots. The two items that are actually note worthy are as follows:

Clarify that it doesn’t matter where you conduct your business—from a store, at gun shows, or over the Internet: If you’re in the business of selling firearms, you must get a license and conduct background checks.

They couldn’t figure out how to outlaw private sales. So instead they’ve decided to arbitrarily define whether or not you are “in the business of selling firearms” on a case by case basis using “other factors.” There is no specific minimum number of firearms one must sell to be considered a dealer who must be licensed. Rules of the day shall apply hence forth.

Require background checks for people trying to buy some of the most dangerous weapons and other items through a trust or corporation…

According to the ATF’s final ruling, “responsible persons” on a trust must submit fingerprints and photos in addition to passing NICS. But, the CLEO signature is eliminated. One might argue this actually streamlines the process of purchasing an NFA item as the CLEO signature has been the primary reason so many people chose to create trusts into which these items were transferred. No longer are you held hostage by a local Democrat or RINO sheriff, judge, or police chief who refuses to sign your Form 1 or Form 4. The rule goes into effect 180-days from January 4.

You can read the rest at: FACT SHEET: New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities |


Banning Gun Sales to People on No-Fly List May Not Be Constitutional, Experts Say | TIME

“…while the idea of “no fly, no gun” has found growing support following the mass shooting in San Bernardino last week, including that of President Obama, experts say such a policy may be unconstitutional.”

Source: Banning Gun Sales to People on No-Fly List May Not Be Constitutional, Experts Say | TIME

Can we file this under, “No shit Sherlock…”?