GOTR20870429 Podcast

Yes, we know…It’s been a llllooonnnnggg time coming. Life got in the way. We’ve got real jobs and families like the rest of you and this thing we do for fun had to take a back seat for a while. We’ll try our best not to let this be the pattern but, adulthood is a trap! We had a great time getting the gang back together and even had a surprise guest. Hope you enjoy the first (not the last) podcast of 2018.

GOTR20170917 Podcast

First post Harvey/Irma show. All of us made it through the storm OK, thankfully. Parts of Texas and Florida had a very different experience from most of Houston. Jason spent some time helping with recovery in both locations and learned some useful lessons along the way. We also got a little trigger time with Silencer Co’s Maxim 9 pistol.

After the storm…Recovering waterlogged guns and ammo.

With all the flooding in South East Texas, the first priority is to get your family to safety! Way down the list of priorities is recovering firearms. But there will be guns lost in the flood… So, what to do if your guns were submerged for any period of time? This is what I would do if I had the time…. (Note, this is just my general opinion, your mileage may vary)

Chances are, most guns will be ruined after a few days. But you can attempt to save them.

If possible…. Get them out of the the water. Get them broken down as far as you know how to break them down. This includes lifting the side plates off revolvers, removing grips, opening any part that can be opened. You tube is a great source to watch a video on how to strip a gun down to the frame. You might damage you gun by trying to take it apart the wrong way, but leaving it full of water will rust it out and eat the finish anyway. So may as well try to save it.

Dry them off (paper towels, hair dryer, bag of dry rice, whatever). Then, hit any visible surface rust with 0000 steel wool and a a few drops of oil. The super fine 0000 steel wool is still safe for polished blue and polished stainless, just use light pressure. Just enough pressure to get the rust. Then oil the hell out of it. Don’t reassemble right away. Keep an eye on it several days for any additional rust formation. If doing multiple guns, zip lock baggies are your friend for keeping parts organized. Don’t let screws and springs from multiple guns get mixed together…

Any wood stock should be removed and allowed to air dry for several days. They may warp or split, so don’t be shocked if it happens. But since they are like a sponge full of water, you have to keep them separate from the metal parts, or it will rust through them. All screws, sling swivels, butt plates/pads need to come off, and vet cleaned, dried, and oiled.

If you have a sight pusher and can remove pistol sights, get them off and clean underneath them, or rust can from in the dovetail. Scopes, red dot sights, and iron sight should also be removed and cleaned. Yes, aluminum rails and mounts won’t rust, but the screws are all steel and need to be taken out and cleaned/oiled. Pull off all the grips, let the wood dry out. Oil all the grip screws and bushings. Magazines should be unloaded cleaned inside and out. The water is full of silt and that silt is in the magazine body. Plastic and aluminum won’t rust, but that mag spring is steel, and it will rust if not cleaned and oiled.

Shotgun ammo will be gone if submerged any real length of time. But most modern factory ammo for rifle/pistol has a sealed primer, and should be fine if it sits in the water for a while. If it sits a few days? Then you may have some issues with some rounds. I would not use it as duty carry ammo, but it should still work for practice ammo. Any dud rounds will give you a chance to practice an immediate action drill. Just be wary of SQUIBS, and if you hear a pop instead of a bang… STOP and check the barrel for obstruction!

Chances are, a gun that just got wet for a few hours can be saved. But a gun sitting submerged a few days may be toast.
If you have any pics of flooded out guns, send us some before and after photos that we can share on our page. We would love to see the results. Hope this helps.

P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program | Sig Sauer

After a little bobble that resulted in a broken link earlier in the day, Sig finally posts details on the P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program

All content below is provided by Sig. Be sure to go to the SigSauer website to take advantage of this program. The voluntary upgrade program URL is

SIG SAUER is offering a voluntary program for P320 pistols. This will include an alternate design that reduces the physical weight of the trigger, sear, and striker while additionally adding a mechanical disconnector.

3 Steps To Upgrading Your SIG SAUER P320 Pistol

  1. Have your P320 serial number and home address available.
  2. Fill out the Voluntary Upgrade Sign-Up Form — one serial number per form submission.
  3. SIG SAUER will contact you regarding the best method for you to get your P320 pistol to them.

Once SIG SAUER receives your P320 pistol, they will apply the upgrades, test it, and then return it to you free of charge.

If you run into any issues, please call Customer Service and they will help you through the process. Customer Service can be reached at (603)610-3000 Option 1, from Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. EST.

If you own multiple P320s, you will need to enter each P320 serial number separately.

How to locate your P320 Serial Number

Your P320 serial number can be found by looking on the right side of the pistol grip. The serial number will be stamped into the receiver. This number should be entered into the first entry field of the form. SKU will automatically populate if your P320 is on a qualified list of U.S. Domestic consumer serial numbers.

With some exceptions, most U.S. Domestic Consumer P320 serial numbers begin with “58A”, “58B”, or “58C”, followed by six numbers.

  • Example: 58Axxxxxx

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my P320 safe in its current configuration?

Yes. The P320 meets and exceeds all US safety standards. However, mechanical safeties are designed to augment, not replace safe handling practices. Careless and improper handling of any firearm can result in an unintentional discharge.

What is the P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program?

SIG SAUER is offering a voluntary program for P320 pistols. This will include an alternate design that reduces the physical weight of the trigger, sear, and striker while additionally adding a mechanical disconnector.

Why is this upgrade happening?

Through additional testing above and beyond standard American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Sporting Arms & Ammunition Institute (SAAMI), National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Department of Justice (DOJ), Massachusetts (MGL, Chapter 140, Section 123) and other global military and law enforcement protocols, we have confirmed that usually after multiple drops, at certain angles and conditions, a potential discharge of the firearm may result when dropped. Although it is a rare occurrence, with very specific conditions, SIG SAUER is offering an upgrade to all of its current P320 owners.

Does the owner’s manual say it can be unsafe?

The language used in major manufacturer’s owner’s manuals with regard to drop safety is consistently written to warn the user that dropping a loaded firearm is not recommended and could possibly result in an accidental discharge. All precautions should be taken to avoid dropping a loaded firearm. Although extremely unlikely, it is still possible for any loaded firearm to discharge when dropped.

What calibers and models are affected?

Due to the modularity of the pistols, which all share the same trigger group, all calibers and pistol sizes are affected.

What type of ammunition was used during testing?

A variety of calibers and brands of ammunition were used.
NOTE: Loaded ammunition is not used for drop testing, only primed cases with the powder and projectile removed are used.

What is different about the updated assembly?

The new design has a physically lighter trigger, sear, and striker assembly with the addition of a mechanical disconnector.

Will this affect the X-series P320’s?

Yes. However, the X-series flat trigger will not be replaced.

What about my CAL-X Kits?

You should send any and all P320 slides with your shipment, as the striker(s) will be replaced, and the slide(s) will need the disconnector cut.

Does this affect the MHS pistol?

No, the MHS pistol is a different variant of the P320 platform. It has passed the US Army’s testing protocols (TOP).

What are my next steps?

If you are a consumer and wish to participate in the voluntary upgrade, please fill out the form at the top of this page.


If you are a U.S. domestic commercial dealer or distributor:

  • There will be an online form available in the near future for dealers to register.
  • For additional support, please contact Dealer Services M-F 8:30am – 6:00pm EST directly at 603-610-3000, option 2.


If you are a U.S. or Canadian law enforcement agency, a Canadian Consumer or an individual who purchased on the Armed Professional Program (APP) or Individual Officer Program (IOP):

  • Because of the unique circumstances involving these customers and needed additional logistical planning, there will be additional information and an online form available in the in the coming days.


If you are a domestic government agency/entity or individual who purchased on the Armed Professional Program (APP):

  • There will be an online form available in the near future for Government/Federal Law Enforcement to register (including those individuals who purchased via the APP). Additional information regarding this program will be made available in the coming days.


If you are an international customer (including Puerto Rico):

  • Please contact your Global Defense Sales representative or local distributor.

Is there a charge to participate in this upgrade?

No. The upgrade is being offered to our consumers at no cost.

Will SIG SAUER cover the shipping both ways?


What if I don’t want to upgrade the trigger assembly on my P320?

This is a voluntary service, as the P320 meets and exceeds all ANSI/SAAMI, NIJ, DOJ, Massachusetts (MGL, Chapter 140, Section 123), and safety standards. SIG SAUER welcomes all of its P320 owners to take advantage of this program.

What if I have incorporated aftermarket items into my P320?


Is SIG SAUER still shipping the pistol without the enhanced trigger system?

SIG SAUER has temporarily suspended shipment of the P320 from the factory while we ramp up to implement the changes.

What is the turnaround time to receive my upgraded P320?

For the US Commercial market, once you contact SIG SAUER and register for the process, you will receive an email from us at a later date with a shipping label and instructions as to when you may return your P320. This may take several weeks, as we will need time to prepare for this program. Once your P320 is received at SIG SAUER, turnaround time will be approximately 4-6 weeks. This lengthy process is due to the high volume of pistols in the marketplace. Transit times may vary depending on your geographic location and receipt of your returned pistol.

Can I have the work performed at my local dealer instead?

No. This work must be done at the SIG SAUER factory.

What serial number ranges are affected?

All current serial number ranges are affected.

Am I required to send the entire pistol?


How will I know if the P320 has the upgraded trigger system without disassembling?

The most obvious external difference is the lightweight trigger. It has a thinner profile than the standard curved trigger. The other changes are minimal and would likely not be noticed.

How often has the incident described occurred?

Minimal reported drop-related P320 incidents have occurred in the US commercial and law enforcement markets, with hundreds of thousands of guns delivered to date. These instances occurred in conditions that appear to be outside of normal testing protocols. The current P320 design meets and exceeds all US safety standards. As it relates to the ad hoc media drop tests, these were not part of standardized testing protocols, and they were performed using firearms in unknown conditions.

How will this affect my current P320 trigger pull?

There should be no meaningful or significant change from the current P320 trigger pull.

Should I conduct my own test to determine if my pistol is safe?

NO. SIG SAUER DOES NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANY CONSUMER PERFORM DROP TESTING BEFORE OR AFTER THIS UPGRADE. Mechanical safeties are designed to augment, not replace safe handling practices. Careless and improper handling of any firearm can result in unintentional discharge. Be aware that ad hoc testing is occurring and individuals are testing guns in conditions outside accepted testing protocols. ALL STANDARDIZED DROP TESTING IS DONE IN CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS WITHOUT USING LIVE AMMUNITION.

GOTR20170813 Podcast

We just can’t seem to get away from talking about Sig’s P320. Jeff felt the need to issue a retraction regarding our comments on the controversy surrounding the gun. And this week, Zack Weisenburger of Operator Coffee also joined us in the closet. The result is a 4-way that probably left a mark on Jason’s pride.