GOTR20170312 Podcast

What? You thought we were joking? Yes, it’s real. We really did get the gang together again. And we actually recorded a podcast!

Yes, it has been six months since the last podcast. It was no easy task to get everyone together. Seems like every time we thought we might record, something went wrong. But today, all the stars were aligned and managed to bang out a new episode.


Where did the podcasts go?

We’ve been asked a great many times over the last few months, “Where did the podcasts go?” Well, to be honest, life happened.

A wide variety of personal and professional commitments have had us spread in all different directions. Jeff’s got a range to run. Jason is a grandfather now. And me, well, my father’s sudden passing at the end of 2015 was just the beginning of a variety of challenges. The good news is we’re finally getting back on track. To that end, expect a new podcast in the next 24hrs.

Yes. Seriously. There’s a new podcast. We reunited in the infamous “closet” at Shiloh to bang out a new episode. We can’t promise one for next week just yet but, we’re working to get things rolling again. We never intended to be gone this long but, as I said, life happened and you get what you pay for, right? In summary, Jeff, Jason, and I thank you all for your continued support, interest, and understanding.


GOTR20160828 Podcast

Yes, we finally got together for another podcast. That said, we managed to get right back into the groove discussing things that turn money into noise. Among today’s topics: finding a handgun for elderly shooters; the new LWRC-DI M6IC, direct impingement rifle; Trijicon’s Accupoint 1-6×24 scope; Sig’s ROMEO red-dot; and the Taurus Curve that Jeff can’t give away.


GOTR20160717 Podcast

Baton Rouge was happening as we got started recording today’s podcast. We cannot say often enough that one way or another, we all need to find a way to heal and find answers together or we are destined to fail as a country.

GOTR20160710 Podcast

Oh look, second week in row. We might even get to record again next week. Yes, you read that right. We’ve got another podcast up.