Annie, get your gun!

Wis. sheriff urges citizens to get gun training – Yahoo! News.

Honestly, I’m quite impressed this sheriff had the huevos to say it publicly.  The only shame here should be Roy Felber’s.  He’s the president of the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff’s Association and says it sounds like vigilantism.  So it seems Roy is the kind of cop we all hate…The guy who says, be a good victim until I get there to save you.  Just relax and try to enjoy whatever befalls you until the police get around to answering your call.

Folks, the sheriff made the right call. He recognizes that between budget cuts and that cold hard one known as reality, neither he nor his deputies can be everywhere at all times. If someone is trying to do you harm right now, that problem is yours to solve until the police get there and even then, the police may not be able to help you.  But, most people don’t know this and will have to learn this lesson the hard way. Unfortunately, most don’t survive the class and amazingly, some come out of it having failed to learn the lesson!

– Gary

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  1. The definition for vigilante is:
    Law-enforcing citizen: somebody who punishes lawbreakers personally rather than relying on the legal authorities.
    A person who is defending themselves from someone who is robbing, raping or assaulting them is using the law to protect themselves from crime. Chapter 9 Justification excluding criminal responsibility explains the provisions to lawfully protect oneself from crime. You are not punishing a lawbreaker when you are protecting yourself or another person from another person’s unlawful attack on your person or a loved one or someone who has asked for your help.
    All citizens need to get proper training to be able to lawfully protect them from crime. A good way to do that is to get a concealed carry license.
    Ralph E Carter Jr.

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