Update on the Lone Star College shooting

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In another case of early reports not necessarily being correct, charges against Carlton Berry, the original suspect in the Lone Star College shooting have been dropped.  The prosecutors say they have determined there is insufficient evidence to charge him or proceed to trial.  Further statements seem to indicate that his charges are a result of guilt by association and identification  First, one of the shooting victims identified Berry as the shooter initially but, later said he was wrong and that Foster was the shooter.  Second, Berry was seen on video walking next to (not necessarily with) Trey Foster.  Foster was also charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault and has apparently admitted to being the shooter.

Now, what bothers me is Quanell Evans (aka Quanell X) is out still defending Foster.  Foster bought the gun legally at Gander Mountain and originally claimed he had a CHL. Well on further review, it appears Foster only took “courses to legally carry a gun, but did not finish them.”  Um, would that be because Foster had a criminal history for resisting arrest (a felony) and possession of a prohibited weapon (Class A misdemeanors) that should have permanently disqualified him for both concealed handgun license, let alone buying a handgun!

I’m sorry but, this case still reeks of turd like behavior by what appears to be a habitual turd!  The left jumped all over this case calling for more gun control laws.  But once again, we have a case of existing laws being broken and/or not enforced.  What’s the point of having background checks if Foster, with a criminal history that includes resisting arrest (again, a felony!), is “passing” said background checks?

Quanell Evans says Foster carried a gun because he’d been shot before.  Foster’s family says he snapped because he’d been getting threatening messages. Folks, none of these things are excuses for all the laws Foster apparently violated let alone shooting someone in this situation.  CHL or not, it is ILLEGAL to carry on a college campus at this time.   Deadly force is NOT AUTHORIZED as a response to unlawful force…Unlawful deadly force is another story but, by his own admission, that’s not what we were dealing with. What grown ass man gets into a fight over someone bumping into you?!?!  This is an issue of maturity or more specifically, a lack there of.


Correction: Need to correct something here folks. Earlier I said carry on campus wasn’t legal even with a concealed handgun license…That’s wrong. Hold your horses!  Fact is, the campus itself does not constitute the “premises” of the school as defined in Texas Penal Code, Chapter 46.035.  More specifically, premises is defined as the structures contained there in so one would have to enter a school building (not just the parking lot or walkways) to violate the law with respect to being the holder of a CHL.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that Foster was illegally carrying a handgun on or about his person which again, is violation of the law.

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