Kelly Dwyer’s liberal bias shines through in what should be a simple report of a crime

A shooter kills a would-be robber in self-defense while waiting in line to buy LeBron James’ signature shoes

The headline almost says it all.  Unfortunately; the author, Kelly Dwyer, couldn’t leave it at that and exemplifies everything that is wrong with the mainstream media and a clear push to drive an agenda other than simply relaying the facts.  Dwyer opens his article with the following statement, “Greedy shoe companies making select sneakers needlessly exclusive paired together with consumer exuberance, desperation, and American gun culture on Saturday long enough to cost one would-be alleged robber his life.

According to witnesses, the decedent was more than just a pick-pocket.  He was actually trying to rob several store patrons as they waited in line.  It is not mentioned in any of the articles I’ve found relating to this story but, it appears the shooter in this case was among those the decedent tried to rob. The shooter in turn, shot the decedent.  How that turns into an indictment of guns and corporate greed as the primary factors leading to the decedent being shot is beyond me and should be beyond the realm of logic of any reasonable person…Unless you’re Kelly Dwyer or some other “journalist” with a bone to pick against any company earning an honest profit on the goods they sell or of course, the current great evil of the world, guns.


2 thoughts on “Kelly Dwyer’s liberal bias shines through in what should be a simple report of a crime

  1. The writer’s soap box runtogethergreedandgunrant was lost on readers, though. I saw no comments other than about how dumb people were to stand in line to buy overpriced ugly sneakers. As to the prices, that’s how the market system works. Supply and demand. Luckily, they only made a small number, or else Obama would find a way to make them free for welfare takers, so they could be looking good as they walk from their free luxury apartments, down the street talking on their free cell phones, on the way to buy Tide with food stamps to resell for drug money. Ain’t socialism grand?

  2. I don’t feel 1 bit sorry for this dumb arse who buys these overpriced shoes and then gets shot by some thug pimp. Queen Latifa (I don’t care if I spelled it right) was robbed when she drove her limo into the old neighborhood. It’s like having a flashing neon sign over your head that reads “Stupid, Carrying Valuables, Unarmed So ROB ME!”

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