Female store clerk shoots and kills would-be robber : News : NorthwestOhio.com

“Just think if she didn’t have that weapon, what could have happened to her. This could be another innocent person dead for no reason,” say local resident via Female store clerk shoots and kills would-be robber : News : NorthwestOhio.com.

Incidents in which law abiding citizens successfully defend themselves against violent criminal action occur far more often than the media and many who oppose to the right to bear arms would have you believe. It looks like December Long, 29, of Toledo, Ohio either knew this or learned very quickly on November 2. According to WNWO, an NBC News Affiliate.

Long was working as a clerk at a Toledo Stop & Ro…err…Stop & Go when Christopher Shockley, 28, a local half-way house resident, entered the story at approximately 9pm and attempted to rob the Stop & Ro…err…Go at gunpoint. Details are a little sketchy but according police, Shockley shot Long in the abdomen. Long produced her own gun and returned fire. Long’s bullet was placed more effectively and Shockley was found DRT (dead right there).

Offering commentary that is somewhat unusual for police departments, rather than admonishing Long and telling civilians they should simply be good victims, Toledo Police Public Information Officer Joe Hellerman said, “He came in to do the armed robbery. It turned into a gun fight…” and warned others to think twice before committing an offense because, “You never know if that clerk behind the counter has a gun.”

One local resident, cited only as Jose, went so far as to praise Ms. Long saying, “Well I would thank her honestly. That could have happened to someone else, and what if they didn’t have a gun.”


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