4 CNN Liberals Walk into a Bar… and Defend Gun Rights?: PJMedia.com

I don’t know about global warming but, there definitely seems to be a polar shift in progress. A couple month’s ago, Anthony Bourdain penned a blog post in which he actually voiced support for the 2nd Amendment. He still had a lefty way of looking at it but, at least it wasn’t the typical liberal drivel calling for banning of all guns or demonizing gun owners for actions of mad men. And now, he has been joined by three CNN cohorts…

“Those people who you were out shooting with — those were law-abiding citizens who were trained for guns and respect them. They’re not the people going into malls and shooting people. So there are two different ways to look at this. Yes, it’s mental health. But for the most part the people who have guns and who carry AR-15s, most of them are not shooting up people.”

– CNN Anchor, Don Lemon via PJ Lifestyle » 4 CNN Liberals Walk into a Bar… and Defend Gun Rights?.


No, their positions are not perfect. They haven’t come full circle to the position that the right “shall not be infringed” but, they have come a very long way from being part of the Brady Bunch. It would appear, there is hope.


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