Rare Role Model: Rachel Washburn trades one green uniform for another


Washburn near Afghan Village

Former Eagles cheerleader now stars for Army. via USAToday.com

At 25, many women in this country are still struggling to shake off adolecence and are just a few months away from becoming the old chick in the club. Rachel Washburn, a former Philidelphia Eagles cheerleader, is not among them. She really was one of those women who was just paying for college as a cheerleader. And when she was done with college, she traded one green uniform for another…She joined the Army. ¬†She’s just back from her second tour of duty in Afghanistan as a US Army intelligence officer. It can be argued she’s not out on the front line but, even if she’s in the rear with the gear, she’s still doing more before 6AM than most men, let alone women, her age will do all day. That commands some respect no matter how you look at it.


2 thoughts on “Rare Role Model: Rachel Washburn trades one green uniform for another

  1. In the Stan, there is no front line. She is in harms way as much as anyone these days. As an Intel Officer she probably has more contact with the ANA and ANP than the average line infantry grunt. They are the real danger these days. That and driving around in a vehicle she’s vulnerable to IEDs. Hoorah to her!

  2. Less than 1% of the population has ever served in the military. I salute all who have served whether a stateside supply clerk or 11B in the sand, active duty or Guard/reserves. God bless Lt. Washburn

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