Target addresses open carry…With predictable results

We were fortunate enough to get two sides of this issue out there for debate with Terry Holcomb, CJ Grisham, and Charles Cotton. To their credit, the leaders of the Open Carry movement recognized that dragging private businesses into this issue has been counter productive. And Mr. Cotton made us aware that the TSRA and NRA have been making strides but, it’s not necessarily at a pace that keeps everyone happy. Still, I cannot help but think Target’s announcement yesterday is a predictable result of negative attention brought to them through earlier protests even if no one from Texas Carry, OCT, CATI, has officially gone into a Target store in months the damage was done and the media campaign started. Public opinion does matter folks. It matters a great deal. While this issue continues to be a point of division in the firearms community, we really, really need to find a way past it.

As you’ve likely seen in the media, there has been a debate about whether guests in communities that permit “open carry” should be allowed to bring firearms into Target stores. Our approach has always been to follow local laws, and of course, we will continue to do so. But starting today we will also respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target – even in communities where it is permitted by law.

via Target Addresses Firearms in Stores | A Bullseye View.


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