GOTR is moving forward

By now, most of you know our time at KSEV ended rather abruptly. The timing wasn’t exactly convenient but, the change presented us with new opportunities. And with that, we’ve got great news. New GOTR content is finally in the works and will appear at Red State Talk Radio. Expect new podcasts, YouTube content, and more…Guns Over Texas Radio is coming back!

9 thoughts on “GOTR is moving forward

  1. I hope it was you that removed your show. If the station made the decision then they are not they do not represent the working man like I thought. I hope this does not show that they caved to political correctness. Keep expressing the views of the folks who prefer limited gov’t. the way it was intended by our founders.
    Bobby Wilpitz
    Bear Creek 77084

    • Unfortunately, it wasn’t our decision to leave. KSEV’s management made that decision for us. We wish KSEV the best but, we’re moving on.


  2. Good news,. Looking forward to hearing the new and improved show.
    Now you can go Howard Stern? No FCC to worry about right?

  3. I just visited that site and have a concern . I see no means to listen to their various
    hosts as individual podcasts. All I see is live streaming.
    That is all fine and good but I do not want to be forced to have to only tune in
    when you are scheduled to be live.

    Will you still have your new shows available as downloadable podcasts here on your blog or elsewhere?

    • We do plan to continue the podcasts here as we always have. Still working on getting things restarted. Hope to have the first new podcast up soon.


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