MSNBC blames the NRA for making Ebola crisis worse

Thanks to Senate dysfunction and NRA opposition, we don’t have a surgeon general right now. In fact, we haven’t had a surgeon general for more than a year now — even though the president nominated the eminently qualified Dr. Vivek Murthy back in November 2013.

via How the NRA is making the Ebola crisis worse | MSNBC.


Thought I was making that up didn’t you? No, MSNBC really did say the Ebola crisis in the US has been made worse by the NRA. More specifically, Krystal Ball (no, I didn’t make that name up either) and Anne Thompson wrote the literary screed that makes this claim. I was planning to write up a response but, “I got nothin’.” I really don’t know how to respond to this level of stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t question Murthy’s knowledge or background with respect to medicine. And if he’d restricted his comments to medicine, I doubt anyone, including the NRA, would object to him being the Surgeon General. However, the man made it clear he planned to use that position to effect policy to restrict the freedoms of law abiding citizens rather than address actual medical issues. And unfortunately, the Obama administration is just the kind of government that would let him do it. Folks, the only time a gun becomes a medical issue is when it is used, lawfully or unlawfully, to poke a hole in a human being. But it is not the Surgeon General’s job to decide whether or not one has a right to own or use a gun or otherwise influence the government on that issue. When Murthy made it clear he wanted to do just that, he all but guaranteed opposition to his appointment.

Now, MSNBC’s ridiculous premise is that because the NRA opposed Murthy’s appointment,that no one is around to “educate the American public about the actual level of risk…” or serve as “a public health expert and whose job it was to help us understand what we really need to worry about and what precautions we should take.” Well damn. I guess there’s only one doctor in the country and none of the thousands of other folks who have gone to medical school and work with infectious diseases have any clue what they are talking about. If only Murthy had been appointed. Then all would be right with the world. Folks, if you’re dumb enough to believe in anything MSNBC has to say going forward, you really, really, need to draw a bath and get a razor…We don’t need you in this world anymore.


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  1. It also makes one question the need for a Surgeon General in the first place. Does anyone know when the first Surgeon General was appointed, or why?

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