Well that didn’t take long…Constitutional Carry |HB195

Texas Legislature Online – 84(R) History for HB 195.

This bill seeks to not only allow open carry but, seeks to remove the Concealed Handgun License requirement for carrying a handgun all together. Contact your state representative if you want this bill to survive and pass the Texas Legislature.


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  1. Not to sure about the open carry due to someone getting their weapon taken away and used against them. I believe the concealed carry is a good idea due to the background check for the immediate purchase of a firearm.

      • Brad, I am spelling this out because I can’t make heads or tails of what I have read so far. If they submit this HB as an additional bill to allow open carry without interfering with concealed carry, all right. I am on board. However, if they are submitting the HB to do away with the concealed carry laws all together I am not so on board. I like that we can carry concealed in church and in places where we don’t want to show our sidearms. What I don’t want is that ALL carrying is in the open and you can’t carry concealed anymore because the law was poorly written and not amended until there is an uproar caused by arrests and controversy. I hope it is done right one time and includes both options. I also believe that a property owner has the right to prohibit open carry on their property and let the free enterprises system work. If you want to carry and they don’t want you there, boycott them. And you are right, if you want to carry concealed then do so…, as long as the law for CC isn’t eliminated in the process.

    • You’re right. Police, and folks in other OC states, have bad guys run up and take their guns away from them all of the time. And the CCL isn’t going away, just not required, so you can still use it for immediate purchase of a firearm.

    • If you believe in the 2A and the Constitution, your should NOT like background checks, when the government can decide what disqualifies, gun control runs a muck. If a bag flies out of the back of your pickup on a highway on the way to the city dump, and you get cited, you can loose your CHL in some states, how crazy is that, and without OC you would be disarmed. Do not turn a RIGHT into a privilege with a PERMISSION SLIP!!!!!

      • Ohhh bullshit!..There’s a need for a reason, we don’t need felons getting weapons any easier than they already do..or the nutjobs out there!..Sorry if you disagree but I prefer to not arm these people. You don’t have to like it but that’s the point not everyone will..too bad, so sad that’s just the way it is. Go walk in a cops shoes for a day or a family member who has lost someone to some asshole with a weapon he/she never should have had. Until then..BITE ME!..I’m done..walking away, smart enough to know there’s no reasoning with the idiots of the world, I’m not the jackass whisperer.

        • No one said that you are the jackass whisperer. I have my CHL and do carry a handgun. Stop and let this sink in. The qualifications to carry a handgun only apply to law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t seek permission to commit crime, they just do it.

        • No Karen. You are they typical bully. You don’t have a sufficient intellect to address issues head on. You beat them into submission using cursing and calling people names, or, you throw them aside for others to deal with, or you snap your fingers and walk away in a huff and go back to your submissive girlfriends and tell them how stupid we are. Lady, the idiots have guns anyway. The thugs have guns anyway. The criminals have guns anyway. It is the honest, law abiding citizen who is at a disadvantage as we wait 30 minutes for help to arrive. Outside the Houston metro area some of our responders are DPS troopers. Until Abbot can put all the dominos in place to hire 500 more, many of those responders are down on the border. I have stood in the LEO shoes and I would rather have all of the good citizens armed and at my back than have all the bad guys armed and my citizens cowering in the corner waiting for me to get through Houston traffic only to find them lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

          To open carry means acceptance of the right to carry which should have never been messed with in the first place. This is righting a wrong. The really bad guys…, they flew airplanes into buildings. They use vans to run over soldiers standing on the roadside or took leftover unexploded bombs to make IED’s and ambush the good guys. The real bad guys get into a fight and then go (Illegally) to get their (illegal) guns to come back with murder (illegal) in their heart to kill (illegal) the person they had a disagreement with. All the laws on the books have not changed them. It is time to turn the tide to our favor and stop being cowards afraid to confront the socialist rhetoric.

          • I reflect back on history and look at all the victims who were not armed when they lost their lives. How different would the outcome have been if the victims could have defended themselves? If you choose to be a victim that is your choice, not mine!

      • I’d be overjoyed to advocate for the 2015 Texas Constitutional Carry bill, if it would repeal Section 411.207, rather than simply amending it. If the law still requires a Citizen to willingly disarm himself at the whim of a government agent, then it absolutely can NOT be considered “Constitutional.”

        Anyone who understands our history knows that the primary reason for the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was to retain the ability to resist government if need be. Legally requiring a Citizen to disarm for an agent of that very government flies in the face of that purpose.

        If those in the Texas legislature don’t have the stomach to acknowledge that, then at least don’t try and call it “Constitutional” Carry.

  2. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    no ones feelings matter about this issue one way of the other… all of the current laws are invalid as they infringe on the 2nd amendment. Constitutional carry is the only way, as it is a right… not a privilege. the only people any law affects are law abiding citizens.

    • Mike, if you carry in the National Forest and do not have a CHL you must carry openly. If you have a CHL you can choose to conceal. Would you say it needs to be that way? The reason I ask is I keep seeing cases where states are placing the OC into the normal condition and the CC into a special licensing situation.

    • Learn self defense if you dont wanna be disarmed. People rely too much on weapons. If I open carry it’s gonna take an act of god to get that gun off me. But then again I have actual skills to defend myself

  3. Allowing open carry helps conceal carriers from problems that arise when “printing”. Passing this law will not cause Texas to fall into a age of ballistic pandemonium. It will protect conceal carriers from those who over react when a shirt becomes untucked, or when a jacket blows open.

  4. I think Constitutional carry is great provided you have been vetted via CHL. I’m sorry but not everyone needs or has the ability to carry in a responsible manner, open or concealed as witnessed at the range I work at on a daily basis.

  5. I dont think background checks amount to a hill of beans because a gun is always available and cheap on the street. Constitutional cary would just mean that if that unstable person does something stupid he would probably be surrounded by responsible citizens carrying one way or another.

  6. Great less restrictive law.. Make it easier to take Granny’s gun. I don’t like that idiots can still carry gun. There are just stupid people that should not carry, opened or concealed. should be basic common sense requirement. Criminals will live this idea. so easy to steal peoples guns, non conceal, open just bump and grab.

  7. No permit needed with this..umm..yea, no that’s about stupid. Whatever dumbass came up with that is a bigger retard than I thought would be doing this. I mean really??..Let ANY idiot in the state carry, and openly at that??..WTF…SMDH

    • Karen,
      How is it stupid? This gives the law abiding gun owner peace of mind that they aren’t going to be hauled off to jail because their jacket blew open in the wind.
      Its not like they’re passing out free guns at the psych ward. Calm down.

  8. Well Marty, Let’s just take a look for one at what I am talking about. I am against no permits being needed, no against the weapons not being concealed. I do not believe that EVERYBODY deserves to carry a firearm, there are too many nut jobs out there, it’s just not necessary to make it legal for them to carry..so let’s not get it twisted, I’m not against the whole thing being stupid, just the part that is going to open a whole new can of trouble for everyone’s safety..And I am being calm, you don’t know me, don’t go there.

    • What current states having open carry have masses of law abiding citizens running up and down the streets and into stores and gas stations and flower shops committing mayhem and chaos because they passed an OC law? The criminals never paid attention to open carry or concealed carry laws in the first place and they are going to be criminals no matter what the law says.

      • I never said there would be mass chaos..reject, stop interpreting what I say into something I didn’t..get a grip..it’s just a stupid idea that would make it so much easier for the bad guys to obtain and carry is all I’m saying and that doesn’t need to happen..Stupid, Stupid idea!..When you’ve worked the streets in a Law Enforcement capacity come back and talk to me.. until then shut up!..I’m done..walking away.

  9. First, help me find that a person can carry in a church unless it has been posted with a 30-06 signage or other manner or other manner of notification. Right now you can carry concealed in church as long as the pastor, BOD don’t prohibit it. This appears to completely remove that ability.

  10. Yall are idiots. If a person wants to carry a gun on them they will regardless of law. The open carry bill is to protect the people from being prosecuted. I’ll carry either way. Srgt. Retard won’t even know I’m standing next to him with a loaded gun.

  11. Its smart to have them concealed for the fact ur weapons remain hidden until the use of them. would it be smart to have it out an a child is near u an capable of getting to it yea think about it there’s wrongs an right to a gun being concealed. moral of this is nobody should have a gun unless proven to be eligible

    • “Unless proven to be eligible…” Hmmmmmm…… Well considering the 2nd amendment states “shall not be infringed”, every citizen of the United States is eligible. This is a fundamental natural right RECOGNIZED not GRANTED by the U.S. constitution. Even prisoners at Gitmo have the first, third, fifth etc… constitutional rights protected, even those NOT U.S. Citizens, how does the second amendment right get confused? The one right that STIPULATES that the right is not to be violated? It’s a wonder as to how our elected representatives sleep at night knowing they are all guilty of being enemies of our constitution…..

  12. If I were the Chief of a department, and some of you were really LEO’s like you claim to be, I can assure you that you would be receiving the less enjoyable end of a disciplinary action. You are not engaging in freedom of speech. In some public venues your language could be treated disorderly conduct, pure and simple. I don’t have a full command of all the words in the dictionary myself but I can at least challenge an idea without insulting the person. As for the HB, they clearly took out carrying in a church or synagogues. I can understand not carrying in the open in a church but our church elders and pastor appreciate the fact that there are those of us who carry concealed and I don’t think we should give that up. While doing wonders for carrying openly, I can still see cases where carrying concealed is just as appropriate.

  13. As long as passage of the HB does not mandate relinquishing the right to carry concealed in places where the management/owner permits it as acceptable, I can go along with it. However, I also like that I can purchase a gun and walk out without waiting for clearance because I present a CHL at the time. I really like that because some stores have stopped accepting gun purchases at 30 minutes before closing since they can not be guaranteed that they can call in and get your clearance in a timely manner.

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