TROY Bravo Rifles $599!

TROY Bravo Rifles are a contract overrun. Supplies are limited but, this is a great opportunity to own a quality AR15 at a great price. At $600, you will be hard pressed to beat the features they’re offering with these rifles. Go to for more info.


3 thoughts on “TROY Bravo Rifles $599!

    • These specific rifles were the result of a contract overrun. Not sure if they are even available now. As to whether it is legal to own in New Jersey, consult your local authories. At last check,NJ specifically banned the AR-15 and any rifle so marked. IIRC, NJ legal ARs cannot have collapsible stocks, threaded barrels, bayonet lugs, or magazines exceeding 10-rounds. Again, check with local authorities to be sure. Or consider coming to Texas…it’s still a free state.


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