Papa John’s Pizza stands behind employee who shot robber

I already preferred Papa John’s Pizza to Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Now, I’ve got one more reason to like them…

Papa John’s Pizza is standing by a pizza delivery woman who opened fire Sunday on an armed robber in an act of self defense.

via Papa John’s Pizza stands by employee who shot armed robber in self defense | Fox News.

If you haven’t heard, a Papa John’s delivery driver was the victim of an attempted robbery last Sunday night in Georgia. Her name has not been released. She was forced to the ground at gun point but, had a gun in her pocket. She managed to skin her smokewagon and go to work on 24-year-old Donquaz Stevenson, striking him in the face!



3 thoughts on “Papa John’s Pizza stands behind employee who shot robber

  1. Papa Johns has not changed their policy. They do no allow employees to carry guns. Read their statement and you’ll figure out that they did not fire her most likely because they did not want to make people mad at them. They say, “Company policy prohibits employees from utilizing firearms in the performance of their duties. We plan no changes to our current policy, which is designed to protect customers and employees”

    What they don’t say is HOW their no-guns policy protects customers and employees! They made a quick PR decision and did not fire her. They’ll drive her away some other way, as they’ve taken her off delivery and therefore taken away her tips. They have chosen to turn a blind eye to guns for the moment, while maintaining their policy (to avoid heat from the anti gun people and to help avoid lawsuits if an employee accidentally (or otherwise) shoots someone.

    You have little reason to like Papa Johns more.

    It’s too bad the perp survived. He’ll probably sue the employee and Papa Johns now.

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