Zero Carry has ZERO idea of how guns are carried for serious purposes

The folks over at Big Tex Outdoors did a great review of the Zero Carry holster recently. And in turn, one of their guys wrote to Zero Carry to see what Zero Carry thought of their video. Here’s Zero Carry’s response:

Hi again Jimmie,

95% of all DGU do not result in the defensive gun being fired. In contrast 100% of all accidental discharges (or negligent discharges) were partially the result of a round in the chamber. No chambered round, no accident.

The probability of injuring yourself while cocked and locked is infinitely greater than the probability of hurting yourself without a round chambered. Greater than 95% of the time, you DO have all the time in the world. Remember, our goal of carrying a concealed weapon is not to kill someone, it is to protect ourselves. The best way to do this is NCC (non-chambered carry). Killing someone is NOT a desirable outcome. Just ask some policemen who have recently done so. It has ruined their lives…

These are the people who Zero Carry is designed for. People who understand probability and statistics no just hype.


To say these guys have no clue who carries a gun or why is putting it mildly. I can only guess they are run by a bunch of “pro-gun” Democrats. Or may be they’re “Mossad.”


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