Sometimes I think trainers in other countries live on an entirely different planet…

Hoje os relógios de todo o mundo ganharão um segundo a mais para compensar a desaceleração na rotação do planeta. Neste vídeo eu mostro como aproveitar esse segundo a mais do tempo em benefício da segurança em casos de assalto a mão armada! P.s: Não recomendo a reação, somente em casos extremos e por pessoas treinadas.

***Translated: Today the clocks all over the world will gain a second more in order to compensate for the slowdown in the rotation of the planet. In this video I show how to take advantage of this according to the most of the time for the benefit of security in cases of a hold-up! P. S: I do not recommend the reaction, only in extreme cases and trained by people.***

Posted by Marcos Do Val on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yup. Different planet. Different universe. A universe called, “Nope!” Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen variations of this disarm technique before. And yes, the gun is not “loaded” at the start of the drill. But the disarm itself can be practiced and demonstrated without using a live firearm. And apparently this guy doesn’t shoot a lot of steel. I do. There is a reason we don’t recommend doing it at anything less than 10 yards.


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