Two suspects shot during attempted robbery in southwest Houston |

“Another guy, holding the door, hold a gun to me so I shoot them,” – Dien Tu



Mr. Tu…Your attorney would tell you that making the statement publicly is a bad idea. Still, we’re glad you, your family, and your co-workers came out on top because of your actions.

As it turns out, this store had been robbed before. As recently as July 1st. The 9000 block of Beechnut in Houston (where this robbery/shooting occurred) isn’t the best part of town. And while the Houston Police Department has an admirable response time, they are rarely around when things like this happen. The shop owner and his brother knew that so they came to work prepared.

Dien Tu apparently saw the robbery happening while he was eating dinner near the cooler in the back of the store. One suspect was apparently supposed to be watching/holding the door while his accomplices beat the store’s clerk. That suspect failed to see Tu approaching until it was too late. When the suspect turned to point his gun at Tu, Tu shot him. In the resulting excitement, Tu apparently shot a second suspect and all three of them ran outside to a waiting get-away car with a fourth suspect inside.

The two wounded suspects were dumped at an apartment complex across the street from Memorial Herman Hospital Southwest. Word is, both of them died. Good guys 2, bad guys 0. No word on whether the surviving suspects have been identified or are close to be arrested.

The only bad part about all of this is that these two suspects will be reported as “victims” of “gun violence” by the likes of Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Campaign. Never mind the fact they were beating an innocent man bloody. Never mind the fact they were committing armed robbery. Never mind the threat the brought against innocent people who were trying to make an honest living. These guys may have been human beings but, they were also violent criminals threatening the lives of others and for that, they deserve no quarter or sympathy.


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