GOTR20151115 Podcast

Finally got the band back together again. The podcast is up! Gary is back after a rough month. We got to fondle the new Remington RM380, the result of Remington’s purchase of the Rohrbaugh design. And yes, we discuss our thoughts on the tragedy in France. We also get into a number of listener requests for our thoughts/recommendations on trainers, gun forums/podcasts, and pistol sights.

On a personal note, I’ll take this moment to say thanks to everyone who has reached out to me during this trying time. Life can change in an instant and the last month has been full of far more reminders of that than I’d care to count. Kiss and hug your families tonight. Tomorrow is promised to none of us.

On another note, we did have some technical issues that came up while I’ve been out. If you’ve tried to reach us by email, please send those messages again. I’ve unfortunately had to move hosting for email to a new server and messages sent over the last 30 days had no mailbox to receive them.



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