GOTR20170312 Podcast

What? You thought we were joking? Yes, it’s real. We really did get the gang together again. And we actually recorded a podcast!

Yes, it has been six months since the last podcast. It was no easy task to get everyone together. Seems like every time we thought we might record, something went wrong. But today, all the stars were aligned and managed to bang out a new episode.


5 thoughts on “GOTR20170312 Podcast

  1. Besides situational awareness and knowing what’s behind you, two more lessons are offered here: First–Park your car in your garage, and next–Don’t leave a gun in your car.

    • We’re not sure what’s up with that James. Working on it, though. The RSS feed is updated but, iTunes seems to think we’re a fake site now that there’s a verified SSL cert out there.


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