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    • Participating in a gun buy back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids…

    • How many actually worked??? And to bad the guy who mugged rhalms kid did not turn his in huh, wait criminals never do turn theirs in lol So the joke was really on you and well rhalm lol lol And why did his kid need to go outside to make a call?? What was he doing ordering a bag of weed???

  1. I called in talking about the Sig P250. I just wanted to thank y’all because I carry it with an Old Faithful IWB holster and load it with DRT ammunition, both of which I found out about here.

    • Not sure, Jim. When recording in the studio, I try to balance capturing as much data as I can without causing “clipping” that results in you hearing nothing but static. That said, if I’m forced to use the studio’s audio file, I don’t have the same control of the output level. The last podcast I made was created using the studio’s file so it might not have been recorded at the same level.


  2. I really dig your show, but I only listen to podcasts. Do you not broadcast every weekend? There seem to be a lot of shows missing or they haven’t been put on the website yet.

    Chuck in Garland

    • Still working on it, Mike. I work on this page in my spare time which I simply haven’t had a lot of lately. I’m considering moving the podcasts to a new software and re-integrating iTunes for all the folks who use iPhones.


  3. Yes but, you’re putting the MP3 into your iTunes folder locally. We’re talking about making it available via the iTunes service and RSS feeds so you would be able to skip that step and just go straight to iTunes.


  4. Someone called the show asking about using B-B’s in a black powder shotgun. I’ve been shooting black powder for over 35 years and can help you out with questions like this. As far as using B-B’s in a soot burner; DON’T DO IT. B-B’s are steel and plated with brass or copper. It will chew up the softer steel used in most m/l guns especially if it has a choke. Use steel shot often enough and you can kiss that choke BYE-BYE. Even the replicas with the chrome lined bores can be damaged. If the user just HAS to use B-B’s in their b/p gun use a plastic shot collar or cup like used in reloading. If the shooter is loading b/p shot shells, use the plastic collar or stay with lead. I hope the shooter is not using an antique shotgun with steel B-B’s.

  5. Im not sure I am in the right spot. I was at the Hunters Extravaganza today and was talking to the guys at prestige optics about AR10’s, to be more specific a left handed AR .308. Dave Arbetter sent me to GUN OVER TEXAS. Which obviously y’all are. Do you know where you can find or have built a left handed AR .308?

  6. Watch for this: HR 3018 from two Dem congressmen. 20% new tax on guns and 50% new tax on ammo. This is perfect for Obama. More tax revenue and punishment of law abiding citizens who wish to protect themselves and their families. Write Boehner and your congressman now (unless your congressman is Sheila Jackson Lee, in which case you have no representative!)

  7. I lose the show at about 5:20 p.m. It doesn’t come back. WTF is going on ? Sounds like an anti-gun lib-tard is tampering with the station.

  8. Merry Christmas to all of you at the radio show and all the listeners .
    I wish your show came on earlier I live in Bryan and in the afternoon ( dark) the radio station starts dialing down the power and I don’t get to hear the whole show.
    Thanks again JT

  9. FCC is controlled by which federal government? Even around Houston, the signal gets weak at night. Luckily, a couple-days-to-a-couple-weeks after the live show, you can get the mp3 right here.

  10. I heard the last show where the issue with Top Gun Range of Texas was discussed. Say what you will about the range, I have little patience for bureaucratic horse squeeze. I sent a short note to the NSSF as requested and hopefully that helps. Also, I have picked up a Sig 556R (Gen2) where they put a steel insert in the magwell to prevent mags from chewing up the receiver. Still hell on plastic mags but does fine on steel mags. Love the show!

  11. The other night a frequent caller/female patron of Shilo asked about stepping into the mall shooting issue and asked your opinion on what to do. Another caller later stated his position very well as a former LEO and MP and I would like to expand on his statement for future reference. I am a former, trained RLEO and Coast Guard Boarding Officer having worked with a city department and also with federal laws.

    Please keep in mind that we should not play into the hands of the anti-gun pundits by painting a picture of mayhem if a CHL holder were to engage in a 3rd party situation. That is exactly what an anti-constitutionalist against guns wants to use as a reason to dismantle the constitution and eliminate guns all together. The same picture of mayhem and killing innocent bystanders willy-nilly if the CHL’s holders in the Aurora theatre were to have engaged was painted on radio and the internet. We should not give them the ammunition to use against us.

    As a CHL holder, I originally acquired my CHL to protect myself and my family. I did not get it to engage bad guys. My duty to protect innocent lives is no longer a matter of being legally protected under a contract of liability by a civil entity as it was as a reserve LEO. It would have to be a personal offering to a stranger knowing that I am about to undertake years of nightmares, legal maneuvers, monetary losses, and everything else that goes with using the firearm…, and all to protect people I don’t even know.

    If I were to enter into an active shooter crime scene as a CHL and engage a shooter by hiding behind a barrier and snipe them, I will have violated everything we were taught in our CHL class which was designed to present the legally recognized position for licensing.

    Aren’t we supposed to STOP THE THREAT? Aren’t we supposed to shout Stop! Stop! Stop! or in some way announce our intentions loudly and verbally? And if they stop, aren’t we supposed to cease also?

    So, if the shooter does stop on command and CHL 2 enters the scene, then isn’t CHL 2 just as liable to know the dynamics of the scene before entering as I was also liable to in the beginning. Aren’t we both covered by the intent and of the concealed handgun license under the clause of protecting an innocent third party? And how did we know who the bad guy was? Because we knew the situation before engaging.

    If you got your CHL license then you should know that the purpose is to stop the threat. If the threat stops, you stop. If you enter a scene to protect an innocent third party, and you don’t know the scene well enough to know who the bad guy is, you are in the wrong in every direction you can think.

  12. Bill,
    The FCC is organized into seven Bureaus and eleven Staff Offices, It is an agency of the Federal Government of and to itself. The FCC regulates what goes over the airwaves and broadband. Former CB’rs used to call them the Air Wave Nazis because in the days of the 60’s and 70’s they would drive around town with a round antenna (Radio wave location finder) on their van to locate illegal CB base stations that had not obtained their license to operate a radio station. They also pulled truck drivers over and ticketed them if they had not paid the license fee and obtained their call letters. Now that they are part of Homeland Security ther is no end to their ability to control free speech in the name of National Security.

  13. I don’t know which one of you called Zimmerman an “idiot” but if that’s what you think of him them screw you a-holes. I’m flushing your show. Zimmerman got rid of a thug punk who was on his way to being a gangster, burglar, crack headed pimp. If Zimmerman hadn’t killed him, someone else would have, most likely another gang banger. Yahoo and hurrah for George Z ! If more men did this, the crime scene in Texas would tumble. So adios pin heads.

    • I said it, Peter. I won’t back down from it but, you’ll notice I didn’t dare say Martin was innocent either. I call it like I see it.

      Zimmerman was an idiot for putting himself somewhere he didn’t have to be. Zimmerman himself is well documented as a “want-to-be” with less than stellar decision making skills. But, hey, if you want to aspire to be more like him, more power to you. May the jury be with you.


      • Gary, I agree with you completely. While there is no question that the world became a bit safer, and the world gene pool got cleaned up a bit when the thug Martin died, Zimmerman’s actions were just plain stupid–not illegal, but still stupid. He put himself at risk; should have followed the 911 dispatcher’s advice.

        Zimmerman’s actions since the end of his trial have demonstrated that his ability to learn from his mistakes are also quite limited. His traffic stop in Texas provided more evidence of that (speeding, then asking the officer who pulled him over, “Don’t you know who I am?”)

        Martin was a criminal. Zimmerman is not, but he is stupid.

      • I have to agree with Gary and would ask Peter to realize that you don’t use your CHL as a licence to act like a police officer. Neighborhood Watch Programs are supposed to allow volunteer citizens to serve as unbiased witnesses and reporters. You volunteer to be available for your neighbors and for the police to act as an observer. Report what you see and stand back. If you want to interact with criminal elements under NWP then get your certification as a reserve police officer and let the chief put you on duty under the departments rules. In case you need someone to call Zimmerman an idiot you can use him as I am confident that he proved himself one throughout the next couple of years thinking himself impervious to wrongdoing.

  14. After last night’s show, i have realized how vulnerable to the concept of divide an conquer some organizations can be. If both sides of the issue of open and concealed carry cannot get together on this issue, we will remain divided, and fall into the same trap that politicians have laid out for decades. It is time for both groups to unite and stop the bickering in order to allude the trap that the left has laid for years. Divide and conquer is a very useful weapon, and will cause the demise of our 2nd amendment rights. Countless innocent citizens will lose the ability to protect their family, property and the remaining rights afforded by our original constitution. Please forward this to the open carry proponents. Thanks!

  15. Gary,
    I just wrote an email to Greg Hurst about the story he anchored regarding the restaurant patron who used his CC to chase out some armed robbers. Greg said something like, “…patron used his registered gun to…” I told him that we have registered people, not registered guns in Texas and that we consider the Constitution to be second only to the Bible. I then thought about it would like to coin the phrase, “The Constitution is second only to the Bible and the 2nd Amendment is the Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John”. Ha Ha or LOL or which ever.

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