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  1. Lots of talk about Obama wanting to disarm the public and if the military and law enforcement groups would enforce it or not. How about some discussion regarding Oathkeepers.org.

  2. As I understand it, we gave up our gun rights when we joined the U.N. in 1943 but they are just not enforcing it “until the time is right” (Their words, not mine) Jimmy Carter has made some comment about this in the past although I can’t quote the fool. I’m looking for a major crisis to happen fairly soon so that Obummer can call out the troops. A race war perhaps ? She-Jack, Short-ton, Jesse and Quannel are certainly trying to start one. No I’m not a KKK member. No difference between them and the Black Panthers (Or a bucket of shit for that matter)

  3. Yeah, I got a question for the Brotherhood of the Spiral Tube:

    You got a pic of two 1911s posted at the top of this page. They both appear to have the “slim-line” grips. You have issues with the screws that hold those on breaking? I keep having to order new ones for my Springer Black Stainless, and for the price they want I would expect the screws to be made from Unobtanium or something. But they ain’t, just cheap/tiny screws with a black finish.

    Sorta like She-Jack 😉

  4. Based upon your show went out and purchased a S&W M&P Shield today, once I get comfy with it I plan to attend your Wednesday night shoot.

  5. I am a huge fan, I love the different elements each of you bring to the table. I wish I would of listened before I purchased my springfield xd but now I know which direction to go for my next couple of purchases.

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