GOTR needs your help!

If you’ve heard our show and like it, please recommend it to others. Yes, the site is sparse right now but, keep checking with us over the next few weeks.  We’re working to bring you more content, more information, and generally expand the “Brotherhood of the Spiral Tube.”

4 thoughts on “GOTR needs your help!

  1. Hey Gary,

    I’ll add you guys to the blogroll over at my blog. I average about 160 – 200 pageviews per day (from all over the world) and there is a whole gun blogging community out there who will appreciate not just the show, but an informative blog as well.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much, Pamela! I started running site analytics on the GOTR site late yesterday and been surprised by how much traffic is hitting already but, I’m looking to do so much more. This project is growing rather quickly but, I hope it ends up being a valuable resource to the entire shooting community.

      Thanks again,

      • No problem! It’s really amazing how wonderful the gun blogging community is. A few weeks ago, I called in to the show and spoke about a bunch of guns that I was able to fire the day before. Well, that was because the Dallas area bloggers held a blogshoot. About 20 gunnies got together and brought their “toys”. It was amazing. How many communities out there would meet up with total strangers who are armed to the gills, in the middle of basically nowhere and not worry one bit?

        It was the gun blogging community that embraced my blog though I don’t always post about guns, or gun related things, sometimes it’s just stories or politics or nonsense but they are a good group of folks.

        Anyway, welcome to world of blogging… it’s a lot of fun!

  2. Someone had asked about black powder shooting clubs in Texas. Contact the Texas Muzzleloading Rifle Asso. in Brady. They should have info all clubs, etc. Rebel Arms used to be in Pasadena and was home to the Pasadena Muzzleloaders. The owner, Ronnie White had some serious health problems and range and store had moved up to Buffalo Texas. Ronnie died a few years ago. There is a b/p club near Lake Jackson but I don’t know them.

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