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Many of you know that we’ve had a Facebook presence almost from the beginning at Gun Over Texas.  But, if you haven’t already seen it or heard about it already, we finally have our website up and running at and we’re also on Twitter, @gunsovertexas!  Oh yeah, and we’re making podcasts available within 24hrs of airing. You can also listen in live from the KSEV radio website at  The site is still new and growing.  Keep checking in with us for new articles, reviews, and gunsanity from the Brotherhood of the Spiral Tube!

2 thoughts on “Follow Us!!!!

  1. The Southern Belle’s other half here. The .50 Cal. Gal. She’s taken, and no, she doesn’t have a sister.
    I got to shake Jeff’s hand yesterday at Shiloh. I hope to make your aquaintance as well Gary.
    Get some content up. I know a Blogger that can drive some traffic to the Guns Over Texas Blog.
    There’s a story behind the creation of the blog linked below, which turned into a monster…

    • We’d appreciate the link. Look forward to making both your acquaintance on the line sometime soon. I’m working on the content. Didn’t have nearly as much time to work on content as I wanted this week. I’m also bugging the guys to help me out with content or else this blog will end up being all me rather than the whole crew. Jason has a couple articles in the works for sure.


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