The 586 is shipping again!

Smith & Wesson has started shipping the 586 again!!!

I cut my teeth on the 586 and its predecessor, the Model 19, as a young shooter.  The 586 was introduced in 1980 to answer a need for a 357 Magnum that could handle a steady diet of 357 Magnum ammo but, without resorting to something so big as the venerable Model 27.  The 586 and stainless 686 delivered in spades and remain workhorses among many revolver shooters to this day.   Might have to add a pair of these to my safe in the near future.




One thought on “The 586 is shipping again!

  1. I came back and read this a second time. I get that this is apparently an awesome thing but I don’t have the gun history knowledge that you do, but I’m very curious now. So, herd the cats a little and elaborate on my behalf.

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