Could Border Violence Have Led to Mistaken ID?

When we first heard about this case, most of us assumed this was just another case of drug runners, coyotes, or other criminals making an attempt on an agent’s life.  But without justifying the actions of the shooters, this might indeed be a case of folks honestly scared to their wit’s end after being victimized by guys acting like police and left with no place to turn because the local sheriff can’t be there all the time.  To make matters worse, the federal government swears the porous border is secure and that none of the violence in Mexico has crossed the border they choose not to enforce.


2 thoughts on “Could Border Violence Have Led to Mistaken ID?

  1. (This is Jason Berry) “Two illegal immigrants from El Salvador were found in the Alvarados’ home, authorities said. They haven’t been charged in the shooting but were listed as material witnesses. The Alvarados are U.S. citizens”

    Chances are, this family is not a bunch of saints. And even if it is “self defense”, you can not just roll up to a car and start shooting into it because you think it might be a burglar… There is going to be a lot more to this story in the end.

  2. Agreed on all points, Jason. I’m careful not to say this was justified but, none of the facts available to us thus far negate the possibility of similar incidents happening in the future that really are a case of mistaken ID. Whether it’s civilian on blue or blue or blue, it seems this incident still speaks to serious officer and public safety issues.


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