A tactifool gets butt hurt on Gunbroker.com

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Tacticfool's Custom Glock

This one has been discussed and commented on quite a bit online.  We’re not going to let it slide either.  What’s funny is, apparently the owner has spent way too much time using it as a butt plug rather than an actual handgun. I say this because he has amended his original summary on this gun with apparent retorts to comments he has seen online. In other words, he’s butt hurt. But let’s quickly run down what’s wrong with this “Tactifool’s” Glock and offer a few reasons he’s deserving of all the flak he’s catching.

The first thing that jumps out at shooters is the lack of a trigger guard. This is not only plainly dangerous with a Glock (or any other handgun) but, if you’re going to make a Fitz Special, do it right and leave the bottom of the trigger guard in place so your hand has a positive index/stop point on the grip rather than running into the back of the trigger.  But keep in mind that now, we’ve got nothing protecting the trigger or other wise providing retention point for a holster!

Now before we leave the gun alone, have I mentioned there are NO SIGHTS on this gun? Zip, zero, nada. Not even “Homeboy Sites.” So I guess this guy is a student of the instinctive/intuitive/telekenetic school of shooting in which sights are unnecessary. Or may be it’s the Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder school of shooting in which Braille is used for finding one’s target.

Last and perhaps least, there’s the “color matching” of the magazines.  If you’re going to bother, shouldn’t you do such that magazines match when the magazine is seated rather than the top of the magazine that no one can see even when it’s in a pouch? I mean, really?

Folks, I’m not above recommended mods for your gun. But if you’re going to do mods, make sure you’ve really thought them through and when in doubt, talk to your gunsmith or a qualified, professional gunman.  Serious shooters have probably already done what you’re considering and can offer their opinion on what the find works or doesn’t work. Just a thought.

There’s nothing “collectible” about this gun at this point. When I was apprenticing with a gunsmith, I was told always “cut the least expensive part.” Tactifool has cut/ruined the frame which as far as the ATF is concerned, is the gun.  So if you want to “fix” this screw up, you basically have to buy a new gun. #FAIL!

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