15 September 2013 Podcast

20130915GOTR or http://gunsovertexasradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/20130915GOTR.mp3

2 thoughts on “15 September 2013 Podcast

  1. Thought I’d drop in and catch up on podcasts. I see there are no podcasts between the 8th of July and 15 Sept listed in podcasts section. Did you all take a extended vacation or something?

    I hope you soon fix the audio levels in podcasts and shows as there is extreme varition of volume levels in most shows. Sometimes one guys mic is too soft the others is way too hot, other times there is yelllng and what not so loud as make me wish your audio engineer knew what automatic level control was.

    great shows other than audio issues that cause me to clamp the show off or constantly fuss with audio level.

    • Thanks for listening and thanks for the support. My apologies on the audio levels. Unfortunately, some of that is a result of KSEV’s choices in tuning the mics and the gains in their system. I fuss with it at least as much trying to record it in studio and as much as I complain, I typically get blank stares or I’m told not to touch anything. As for the gaps, believe it or not, that was a typo when that podcast was published and you’re the first to spot it! It should have been September 8th, 2013! If you go to http://gunsovertexasradio.com/topics/podcasts/, every podcast since May of 2012 should be there in the correct order now. If not, shoot me an email.

      Thanks again,
      Gary Montgomery
      Guns Over Texas Radio

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