The Land of Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes Says Hunting Rifles Are ‘Assault Weapons’

According to an article posted on by Jacolb Sullum, California Governor Jerry Brown is currently deciding whether or not to sign a new ban covering ANY centerfire rifle with a detacheable magazine. Needless to say, it’s a broad and loosely defined category that would include the Remington Woodsmaster and Browning BAR, rifles most would consider classic hunting rifles.

We’ve long said the 2nd Amendment wasn’t about hunting, collecting, or sports. It has and always will be about defending the rights of the individual from the state. Ensuring that the state does not possess a monopoly with regard to armed force. Today’s M4 is indeed a modern musket. And yet, gun control advocates always try to placate those willing to listen, by telling them that they are only trying to keep “weapons of war” off the street.

Remington Woodsmasters have never been “weapons of war” but, it is clear these guns will be banned as a result of this legislation. ¬†While a few, smart liberals (stop laughing, they do exist) are starting to open their eyes, the vast majority of their ilk are raging a culture war against the 2nd Amendment. ¬†They will continue to do everything they can to elminate/undermine/destroy the right to keep an bear arms and this is just the latest example of that fight. Californians, you need to start voting correctly or move to a free state!


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  1. Glad I don’t live there. My howa axiom would already be banned; pistol grip, bipod, adjustable stock and detachable magazine… but a bolt action.

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