May be issuing gun permits to the blind isn’t as crazy as it sounds…

Blind man beaten on camera in Philadelphia while bystanders watch |

ABC 13, KTRK asks what would you do? The Philadelphia Police Department is dumbfounded as to why no one stepped in to help this blind man as he was beaten. Well, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ve told people not to get involved. “Leave it to professionals,” they say. And sadly, if you do step in and the bad guy happens to be Latino or black, you’re a racist unless you too are black or Latino…unless your name is George Zimmerman in which case, you are really screwed.

No, it’s in your best interest to let that guy get the snot beat out of him and/or watch him die from a safe distance. Calling 911 might get the fire department and EMS here to scrape the victim onto a gurney or into a bag so the blood can be blasted away by fire-hose but, the beating itself will most likely be over before the police arrive. They might catch the guy as he’s leaving but, all of that assumes someone actually bothers to call 911 which is sometimes an adventure onto itself.

While we’re at it, pop-culture says you should be sure to be a crappy witness that only gets half the story for your Facebook post. Record only that half of the incident on your cell phone before you post it on YouTube. But again, whatever you do, don’t get involved. That’s what the police are for. They will show up just in the nick of time with a SWAT team to kick the bad guy’s butt.

People don’t like to hear it but, we as a nation are doing our best to become a society of obedient sheep unable and unwilling to defend themselves and dependent on their favorite political shephard. No one stepped in to help because we are told over and over again to just leave it to the professionals. All too frequently, people trade their privacy and personal freedom (especially the freedom to defend ourselves by any means necessary) for “safety” the government cannot and is not interested in providing.

The harsh reality people consistently, willingly fail to accept is, WE ARE ON OUR OWN! The police do not have a duty to protect you. Ridicule Iowa for allowing the blind to carry a gun if you like but, chances are, the blind man in the above video could have used the Braille method to aim his gun and shoot this criminal off of him! It may be that issuing gun permits to the blind isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

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