It’s all fun and YouTube until someone gets killed

▶ Michael Myers Gunman Prank – YouTube.


This a video that was brought to the shooting community’s attention by Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir). A very few of you out there know that I had a similar prank attempted on me a couple years ago this week. The results came dangerously close to being tragic. No one was shot but, a sixteen-year-old “kid” went to the hospital with a fractured skull and permanent disability as a result.

As people discuss the tragic shooting of a 13-year-old in California who was carrying a replica of an AK-47 that even I thought was real at first glance, watch this video. Someone puts on a mask, picks up a replica airsoft rifle that at first glance, looks like the real thing. He then proceeds to point it a folks so he can videotape their reactions and get a few laughs on YouTube.

See how folks react? See the fear? What do you think will happen if a police officer or John Q Citizen runs into him and believes this guy is trying to kill them or someone else? People’s perception of a toy as a threat is a legitimate concern. It’s not being blood thirsty or looking to kill someone. Quite the opposite…I’d argue this guy is trying to get himself killed.


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