Fourteen-year-old “boy” stalked, raped, and murdered his teacher…

Were this a story of this suspect being shot to death by his intended victim, we’d likely be hearing yet another string of people complaining about a young “boy” being killed. Instead, we have a documented case of a fourteen year old once again demonstrating that age is nothing but a number with respect to whether or not someone can/will do you harm.

According to court documents, Chism followed Ritzer into a bathroom after he pulled on gloves, an act that was captured on a school security camera. He moved her body out of the bathroom in a blue recycle bin on wheels, the documents state.

He then went home to change his bloody clothes and ate lunch at Wendy’s before seeing a Woody Allen movie at Hollywood Hits, a theater not far from his Danvers home which he shares with his mother and two younger sisters, according to police. On the night of Oct. 22, both Ritzer and Chism were reported missing.

via Teen Raped Popular Teacher Before Killing Her, Indictment States – Yahoo News.

Folks, this case happened at the same time we were all arguing about thirteen-year-old, Andy Lopez being shot by a police officer who, many felt should have discounted Lopez as a threat solely due to his age. They argue that just by looking at young Andy, the officer should have known he wouldn’t/couldn’t do the officer any harm. Well, here’s a “kid” not even a year older than Andy Lopez who stalked his teacher. Raped her “with an object,” slashed her throat with a box-cutter, and when he was done with her, stole her underwear and other personal effects before returning home to change clothes, eat lunch, and head out to watch a movie with his family. Are you sure you want to roll with the assumption a “kid” cannot hurt you?


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