HIlton Yam offers sober commentary on polymer pistol mods

“…remember that you bought a Glock or M&P because you wanted simple and reliable.” Hilton Yam via Chasing Our Tails?: Polymer Service Pistol Mods | Modern Service Weapons.

In light of all the talk of $2,500 (Salient) Glocks lately, this is a well timed post over at Modern Service Weapons. Hilton Yam is a man about guns, having used them professionally for years. If you don’t know his name from the 1911 world, you should. The few examples of his hand built master pieces that exist in the world command high prices and most will go to the grave with their owners. But in recent years, he has moved away from the venerable old war horse in favor of the Smith&Wesson M&P as well as the Glock. To that end, his comments are well worth reading.


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