Situational awareness might have prevented this…

This video may be disturbing to some. But I’m not posting it as yet another, “This is why we carry guns,” post. It’s about situation awareness. Specifically, the man never should have allowed these two to get this close to him.


2 thoughts on “Situational awareness might have prevented this…

  1. Did they have a gun? I could not see what was in the first guys hand. Honestly, San Bernardino, CA is like the worst hoods in Chicago. Best to keep driving or coast another 2 minutes south, east or west.

    • Not sure a gun was present. Given his age and the fact he was facing two attackers, he could be justified in threatening deadly force but again, it would seem he did not see either of these two before they surrounded him. The big lesson is not to be in this position to begin with. Keep your head on a swivel. Remember that if a situation feels wrong, it probably is wrong. Chances are high that he at least looked distracted and that made him prime for selection as a victim.

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