Hoplophobes ask Texas DPS Trooper to leave because he’s armed

Trooper Jeff Evans was in a field uniform, not his full uniform, when the manager apparently missed seeing his DPS badge, but clearly saw his gun. Tuesday morning he had set out to get breakfast in Grapevine. He was dressed in his DPS pilot’s polo shirt and tan slacks, with his sidearm and badge on his belt.

via Armed DPS Trooper Asked To Leave North Texas Restaurant « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.


Classic example of hoplophobia overriding good sense. But what I wish the trooper could do and others do as well is give these stores and the people pushing for these policies EXACTLY what they want…No guns. I don’t mean just stop shopping there. I wish it were possible to ignore their calls for help when things go wrong. I mean no 911 service for anything other than a medical or fire emergency. Obviously, no cop worth his salt would stand for it but, it would be interesting to see how the sheep would fair with no sheepdogs.


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