As Holder Resigns, one has to wonder…Why? Now what?

“I hope I’ve done a good job,” he said. “I’ve certainly tried to do as good a job as I can. There are sacrifices that I’ve had to make, that my family has had to make.”

via Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign – ABC News.

Eric Holder’s resignation seems sudden to those of us who don’t mingle in political circles, myself included. But in the days leading up to this announcement, I did notice one headline that spins the rusty little hamster wheel in my head.  We’re all familiar with the Fast and Furious controversy. Well, it seems that Holder had sought to delay documents required by a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by  He wanted to delay the release until just days before the upcoming mid-term elections. That request was just denied on Tuesday, September 23.  Just two days later, Holder has announced his resignation.

Now, it is entirely possible this is just a coincidence. There were rumors that Holder would leave just after the 2012 election. But the Fast and Furious documents are thought by many to prove Holder’s knowledge and direction of the events of that case, including the illegal transfer of firearms that were ultimately used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Holder has long denied any knowledge of the specifics of Fast and Furious and the Obama Administration has tried its best to hang the entire operation on the Bush Administration by saying the program started under Bush. While true in the most basic sense, it was under the Obama Administration that the program expanded and became the Fast and Furious hot potato we all know today, With this seemingly sudden and coincidental resignation, one has to wonder if there’s something in those documents that really does tie Holder to something so egregious that it was impossible to stay in that post.

Holder’s departure is certainly welcome news to the firearms community but, it means we are going from the known to the unknown for the remainder of the current administration. If you were thinking it couldn’t possibly get worse than Holder, you’re wrong. It’s somewhat telling no one seems to know who might replace Holder. Rest assured though, anyone nominated by the Obama administration is unlikely to be friendly to gun owners or have any respect for the 2nd Amendment as an individual right. I’d put money on Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California, or possibly James Cole, currently Holder’s right-hand-man at the Department of Justice.  I’m sure there are others but, the people that jump to mind without thinking too hard.  Either way, there will be a fight for Congressional approval. It seems doubtful the conflict would endure through the end of Obama’s presidency but, time will tell.


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