Michael Dunn found guilty of 1st Degree Murder

Jacksonville, Florida (CNN) — Jurors found Michael Dunn guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

via Michael Dunn found guilty of murder in loud-music trial – CNN.com.


Some of you may remember this case. Michael Dunn was charged with three counts of attempted murder and one count of murder in the first degree after shooting at a group of teens he confronted over loud music at a Florida gas station in 2012. Dunn was convicted earlier this year for the three counts of attempted murder but, the jury deadlocked on the 1st degree murder charge and the judge declared a mistrial.

With all the other goings on of the world, no one noticed Dunn was retried for 1st degree murder. As of yesterday, Dunn was convicted on that charge for the shooting death of Jordan Davis, an adolescent male that Dunn claimed was getting out of the car and producing a weapon when Dunn opened fire. One of the things that led to Dunn’s conviction for the original attempted murder charges is the fact he continued shooting at a vehicle that by all accounts, was trying to get away from him by the time he fired his last four rounds. There was no articulable threat at that point and Dunn exhibited post offense behavior that made his self-defense claims a little difficult to swallow. Specifically, he went home before police arrived and made no effort to contact police before they knocked on his door to arrest him.

It can be argued that Dunn is suffering a from biases in the wake of the Zimmerman case but, unlike the Zimmerman case, there were witnesses to the original incident. Zimmerman also did not leave the scene of the shooting. There was also little evidence that alcohol might have been a factor in George Zimmerman’s decision to shoot Trayvon Martin.

With this conviction, Dunn now faces life in prison. Much like the Marissa Alexander case, the use of a firearm means there’s a minimum sentence of 25 years because a firearm was involved. Surely there will be a request for an appeal but, it may be a tough sell among potential jurors in Florida.


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