Interesting geographic representation of support for gun control

Screenshot from 2014-11-21 12:18:27
Support for Gun Control.

So I stumbled across this graphic today, intended to show where support for gun control lies in the US. I won’t claim that it’s at all scientific but, if the results are to be believed, I don’t think there are any surprises either. The greatest support comes from large population centers, often (but not always) the most crime ridden cities of their respective states, the red dots/areas on the map (and there aren’t a lot of them). Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston, D.C., Philly, Trenton…None of them places that any reasonable person could call peaceful and quiet. Still, it looks nothing like a reflection of the alleged 90% of the population favoring stronger gun control so many anti-gunners often claim.


2 thoughts on “Interesting geographic representation of support for gun control

  1. The red dots coincide with locations were high concentrations of libtards congregate.
    Personally I think they should secede from the US and leave the rest of us alone.

  2. This also represents where the population is urbanized and becomes reliant on things like police services. At the same time, they lose contact (and thus context) with Nature (even though they claim to worship Nature). Culture war: there’s a very obvious “country culture” and “city culture” divide contributing to the pro vs anti gun “debate.” “Country people” are just as dismissive and suspicious of “city people” as the city people are toward country people. So long as the gun issue is divided this way, we will not see resolution because it’s not based on pure reason and rationality.

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