We shouldn’t talk about Ferguson without talking about guns – Vox

“A well-armed citizenry required an even-better-armed constabulary. Widespread gun ownership creates a systematic climate of fear on the part of the police. The result is a quantity of police shootings that, regardless of the facts of any particular case, is just staggeringly high. Young black men, in particular, are paying the price for America’s gun culture.” Via http://www.vox.com/2014/11/26/7292963/gun-control-police-shootings

I knew it. There is always some anti-gun idiot willing to make hay out of any tragedy. And whether this idiot admits it or not, disarming regular citizens won’t be enough in the minds of like minded individuals.


One thought on “We shouldn’t talk about Ferguson without talking about guns – Vox

  1. I think it’s interesting that the rioters don’t seem smart enough to burn down white neighborhoods, they burn down their own. Now just maybe it’s not because they aren’t smart enough, it’s because they know if they tried it, they would be met with armed resistance! So the fact that the author of the article wants to take away everyone’s gun (and ability to protect oneself) may be just the measure needed so the thugs can riot everywhere!

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