APD Chief: Officer killed gunman with one shot from 312 feet | CLEAT

” The gunman who attacked the federal courthouse, the Mexican consulate and the Austin Police Department headquarters was killed by a single shot taken from 312 feet away by mounted patrol Sgt. Adam Johnson who also held the reigns of two horses.”http://www.cleat.org/2014/12/apd-chief-officer-killed-gunman-with-one-shot-from-312-feet/

There is still a place for traditional marksmanship training. The average gunfight may occur at 2-3 yards but, there’s no guarantee that you get the benefit of that “average” engagement. You will have to “run what you brung” with no opportunity to run back to the rifle some say you should never have left behind. Kudos to Officer Johnson for not being “average!”


One thought on “APD Chief: Officer killed gunman with one shot from 312 feet | CLEAT

  1. We had a member of LoanStarBoars.com at a meet and greet a couple of months ago take a brand new Kimber .45 and hit a 8″x8″ steel plate at 97 yards with only three shots to spot. Even those 3 shots on a 2 dimensional plane would have been center of mass on a full size person. I pulled a .40 Taurus with 5-1/2″ barrel and didn’t even come close. I really appreciate LEO’s who take time at the range to work on their accuracy and muscle memory.

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