Tactical Firearms in Katy appears to be changing ownership

In a recent Facebook post, Jeremy Alcede thanked his customers and friends for their support but, informed them that as part of the Chapter 11 debt restructuring, he will no longer be the CEO/owner of Tactical Firearm. In fact, it appears John Boyert of Boyert Shooting Center (former CEO of Athena Gun Club) will be rebranding the facility and takeover operations. Alcede’s post reads as follows:

First off I would like to thank all of my friends, customers, and loyal supporters for all of your prayers on behalf of myself and the Tactical Firearms family. Today marks a sad day as I will no longer be the CEO and Owner of Tactical Firearms. The phrase “He who holds the gold makes the rules” has proven itself true. 2 years ago when we purchased the land next to our building on a short term we had an agreement between myself, my 30% business partner Steven “Coe” Wilson, and Icon Bank to refinance the existing 20 year loan and the new land to combine the two loans and lower our overall rate. At that point it cross collateralized the two loans and Coe refused to sign the refinance which put our loans into default. We have never to this day missed any payments to the bank but due to a technicality it has allowed them to call all loans. Coe has admitted under oath that his intentions from the beginning where to bankrupt the company and take it from me. I was forced to put the company into Chapter 11 in attempt to restructure the debt removing both Coe and Icon Bank from the loan. Due to the legalities of Chapter 11 this was very difficult to do so. In my attempt to get us out of Chapter 11 I had an investor agree in writing to buy the building for $6,000,000 but Coe, working with Icon Bank, was given a loan for $6,000,000 along with him injecting $1,500,000 cash in his plan given to the Bankruptcy Judge. Coe has brought in John Boyert, which was the old CEO of Athena Gun Club and current CEO of Boyert Shooting Center, along with his current staff to take over and run Tactical Firearms. Their plans are to rename Tactical Firearms, which will close the doors for a little while is what I understand. The problem I have with this is that MANY if not ALL employees (mainly Vets) will loss their job during the Christmas season. Everyone knows how hard it is for them the find a job in the civilian world so please keep them and their families in your prayers. Coe’s allegations against me where proven false in both District and Federal Court and that is why I have been left in control of Tactical Firearms through these proceedings. In Chapter 11 Bankruptcy the Judge’s job is to NOT determine who is right or wrong unfortunately but to ensure the creditors are paid in full, which Coe’s plan was the only one that did. I am losing complete ownership of Tactical Firearms today and am not receiving $.01 for my shares and can only sue him not to get what I am rightfully owed. I am exploring new ventures to continue my service to my customers, supporters, and most of all my country. Please continue to pray for my and my Tactical Firearms family. Please also continue to follow me to find out what we will be doing next. I will no longer have my tacticalfirearms.us email so I can now be reached at jjalcede@yahoo.com

Your patriot,
Jeremy Alcede

6 thoughts on “Tactical Firearms in Katy appears to be changing ownership

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  2. I now wonder if I just lost my membership or will the new owner honor the ticket I paid for. My wife and I have been shooting at TF every Tuesday morning for over 2 years. I guess we will have our questions answered next Tuesday.

      • Shelley, everything is just like nothing happened. We still shoot every week. The staff is about the same as before. Everyone wears a shirt with the new logo on it but that is the only change we have noticed. All is well.

        • UPDATE:
          When I walked into Tactical Firearms/Boyert for my weekly lead launch, my membership card was confiscated and I had to fill out a new set of releases, membership forms and associated lawyer vomit. As I was doing this, I noticed the “new” price schedule. With everything else remaining the same as my current membership setup, my annual cost will increase dramatically (146%) when it comes time to renew. Too rich for my blood.

  3. I thank that the lion cub Boyert feels like he is intelligent and leader. I hate to see my symbol being used by someone in the dark. The lion represent not only leaders but the heart. The highest court is the court of conscience which is in the heart. All courts operate in fiction period and on double book entry system. Fictions have rules and that is you can not cause injury to a man. A Maxim of law states.. He who bring the liability must bring the remedy. I would like to hear what lawful remedy was provided. And I would be interest in looking to see if those ledgers were take off account..

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