BOHICA: Background Checks Part Duex is coming…

Background checks are back. Last week, Vice President Joe Biden said that five U.S. senators—enough to change the outcome—have told him they’re looking for a way to switch their votes and pass legislation requiring a criminal background check for the purchase of a firearm. Sen. Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat who led the fight for the bill, is firing back at the National Rifle Association with a new TV ad. The White House, emboldened by polls that indicate damage to senators who voted against the bill, is pushing Congress to reconsider it.

via Handguns, suicides, mass shootings deaths, and self-defense: Findings from a research report on gun violence..

According to William Saletan’s post at, we’re going to see another push for background checks in the next congress. On one hand, I suppose that is really stating the obvious. Universal Background Checks may have been DOA last time around but, the liberal left and mass media outlets continue to harp on it and keep it in the minds of Democrats and others who believe their political futures are dictated by their support for gun control.

The Obama Administration has redoubled it’s efforts to twist the numbers until the desired results are achieved by telling the Center for Disease Control to reassess existing research on gun violence. And unfortunately, they still don’t add up quite the way the administration would like. They don’t line up entirely in our favor either according to Saletan but, I would argue the facts aren’t readily twisted into supporting the argument for more gun control either. You can read the rest of the article here or check out the actual report, here

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  1. Well, why shouldn’t we have background checks with each and every firearm transaction and ammo sale? After all, the current administration has declared a constitution-free zone that stretches 100 miles inland from each border and coastline. Consequently, each of us within 100 miles of the border or seacoast lives where the constitution does not apply. Homeland Security said it, the courts believe it and that settles it. Move along, nothing to see here.

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