The myth of over lubrication according to Larry Vickers

We have long had debates about gun maintenance. One of the biggest is the issue of lubrication. Especially with regard to how much lube is enough. Now, I have said many times, an oily gun is a happy gun. I didn’t make that up, it comes from old school Army guys who, sadly, are long dead. But, it is not an uncommon saying in the gun business. At any rate, Larry Vickers and the guys at TacTV have done a video to, as they put it, dispel the myth of over lubrication. It’s pretty convincing to me.

I will say that I tend to agree with Vickers on the points made here. Guns are best described as an “open” lubrication system. Your car’s engine has a closed loop system where by parts are constantly bathed in oil freshly pumped from the oil pan at the bottom of the engine in a wet sump system or an external tank in a dry sump system. Your car’s wheels/axles and various suspension/steering components however, are more akin to the gun. There’s no practical way to pump oil in and out of these areas. And so, typically, we grease the bearings in these areas of a car. Some shooters elect to use grease as lube with their guns for the same reason. Regardless of you choice of oil or grease, you can and should consult your owner’s manual for instructions on lubrication for your particular gun or consult a qualified armorer/gunsmith.

2 thoughts on “The myth of over lubrication according to Larry Vickers

  1. So, what did that prove? That it’s ok to fire your 92f if you get drunk and accidently drop it in the deep fryer? I’ll sleep well knowing my rig is safe at the next fish fry. What they argued and what they tested were not the same. If they really wanted to test the myth/theory, they should’ve dropped those irons in the dirt after the Castrol drowning (if we are going to extremes). They mentioned it, but they didn’t actually address dust/sand in their “experiment”, which is what the argument AGAINST lube is about. I’m not saying you can or can’t overlube because i don’t know. I just know they came off looking like a couple of douches.


    • I will agree they did not directly address the issue of dust/sand in this experiment. It was my impression the point was specific to the question of over lubrication in general. They do allude to guns being improperly lubricated for given conditions but, never mention what those conditions might be nor do they define what “improper” lubrication might be.

      I suppose an “experiment” of our own might be in order then. One to address that issue. May be that’s something we can deal with this weekend for the podcast. FWIW, my experience is that a gun which is dirty/sandy but “wet,” will run better/longer than a gun that is dry or dry lubed in the same conditions.


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