First FN SLP Mk1 shotgun session underwhelms

So, we mentioned during this week’s podcast that we were testing the FN SLP Mk1 shotgun. And as mentioned, the first test did not go well. Admittedly, we started out using reduced recoil 00-Buck, and thought the reduced load might have contributed to the gun’s failure to cycle.

To eliminate the human factor, I took a turn with the SLP. While my session started out showing some promise, it didn’t take the SLP long to take a dump in my hands too.

We gave up shortly after this so we could record the podcast but, I did stick around to do a second cleaning and lubrication of the SLP. A second range session was better but, not yet something to write home about. There’s more testing to be done. It may be that the gun just needed to be broken in…Time will tell. I’ll post a full review after the next session


2 thoughts on “First FN SLP Mk1 shotgun session underwhelms

    • Depends on who you ask. Some say, my trigger finger was once used to treat hysteria. Others claim the finger was part of an experiment to piss off the BATF. All I know is, the SLP didn’t run.

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