HB195: Unlicensed carrying of a handgun

“…HB195 is not limited to carrying a handgun openly. If it were to pass in its as-filed form, Texans could carry a handgun openly or concealed without a CHL.”

via HB195: Unlicensed carrying of a handgun.

Charles Cotton has posted a summary on HB195, a bill filed with the current Legislature authorizing the carrying of handguns openly or concealed, without a CHL in the state of Texas. But Cotton also lists a number of concerns about the bill as written that he indicates will create legal problems for gun owners. You can read more about those concerns here. –> https://www.texasfirearmscoalition.com/index.php/frontpage-articles/73-hb195-unlicensed-carrying-of-a-handgun


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  1. Thanks for this. I’ve just contacted my reps in the Texas House and Senate and asked for opposition in the House, and should it pass, opposition in the Senate. Another bad bill. Pretty much anything out of NAGR is going to be garbage. That organization has one purpose: make money for its organizers.

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