PSA: This is how you get shot by the police

Watch this video. Watch it and here me when I tell you THIS is how young men get shot!

The commentary is spot on. Now there are other factors in play but, this is very much the same way Tamir Rice got shot. It’s very much the way John Crawford III got shot. It’s how many young men have lost their lives. Failure to shut the #$%& up and follow the officer’s lawful commands!

I am not saying there are not cops who are racists. There have indeed been cases of officers plainly doing the wrong thing. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. I have actually had an officer tell me he would kill me and my father (also a cop) and have “two dead n*****s on the side of the road,” if he pleased. But, that’s not what happened here and this officer clearly wasn’t trying to shoot anyone even though he would have been justified in doing so in this case. This could easily have been another one of those “hands up, don’t shoot” moments that was dictated this “kid” who was advancing on an officer who was clearly telling the kid to stop and get on the ground. Had he taken one more step, we likely would be hearing of yet another shooting.

So all hear me. Listen well. Comply, comply. comply! Don’t try to explain anything or tell the officer how you think he should and or how things should be done. If the officer is telling to you to get down on the ground, do it. Don’t turn around and ask questions. Don’t stick your hands in your pockets. Don’t reach toward your waistband or behind your back. Don’t do anything but exactly what the officer tells you in that moment in time. If he’s wrong being a screw up, file a complaint. But you can’t live long enough to do that if you make furtive moments or move toward the officer. And whether or not those movements are threatening is not something YOU determine. It’s is ALL in the perception of the officer. Comply, comply, comply!


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