Thieves break in while homeowners asleep | News – Home

“If you don’t have the alarm system, you don’t have all those safeguards in there,” says Rupple, “you can have all the guns and all the bravery that you think you need and you’re still gonna end up just like I did.”

via Thieves break in while homeowners asleep | News – Home.

KPRC is reporting that a Crosby man lost some $70,000 in guns and other belongings INCLUDING THE SAFE containing the guns in a recent burglary. That suggests it could be that this was an inside job but, we don’t know. We’re just glad no one in Mr. Rupple’s family was hurt in the process.

The lesson of the day is that guns are not a talisman or lucky charm. They do not ward off bad things. And the are useless if you aren’t aware of the threat until it has come and gone.  When it comes to protecting your home. you need to at least take basic precautions against intrusions by have an alarm (preferably one that is remotely monitored). Cameras are great for recording evidence and identifying suspects. A properly trained dog is another option and they often alert to a problem BEFORE there’s an intrusion.


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